common carotid artery

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runs upward in the neck and divides into the external and internal carotid arteries

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Endovascular repair of traumatic cervical internal carotid artery injuries: a safe and effective treatment option.
The number of vascular trauma cases has also gone high as compared to previous decades, including a variety of carotid artery injuries. Close proximity of cranial nerves, aero digestive tract, cervical spine and risk of their concomitant damage make carotid artery injury more peculiar as compared to other vascular injuries.
Abbreviations PNI: Penetrating neck injuries CTA: Computer tomography angiography CAI: Carotid artery injuries CVI: Cervical vascular injuries CCAI: Common carotid artery injuries ICAI: Internal carotid artery injuries BCI: Blunt cervical injuries PCI: Penetrating cervical injuries ICA: Internal carotid artery CCA: Common carotid artery TIA: Transient ischemic attack MRA: Magnetic resonance angiography PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene.
The endovascular management of penetrating carotid artery injuries: long-term follow-up.
But internal and common carotid artery injuries should be repaired8, as was done in our four patients.
(3) Management of carotid artery injuries in this patient population is a challenge.
Internal carotid artery stenting for blunt carotid artery injuries with an associated pseudoaneurysm.