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runs upward in the neck and divides into the external and internal carotid arteries

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The common carotid arteries and the subclavian artery supply the head, the cervical and pectoral regions, and the wings.
Carotid artery stenosis can be assessed by means of noninvasive high-resolution B-mode ultrasonography of the carotid arteries.
The carotid arteries are two large blood vessels on either side of the neck that supply oxygenated blood to the brain.
In all, 54 patients completed the snore outcomes survey regarding their snoring habits, as well as underwent a carotid artery duplex ultrasound to measure the intima-media thickness of the carotid arteries.
When the carotid arteries narrow due to plaque build-up, patients basically have two intervention options: angioplasty with stenting to help open up the artery, and surgery, known as endarterectomy, to remove the plaque.
This analysis examined intima-me-dial thickness in the common and internal carotid arteries and the internal carotid artery bulb among 154 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, none of whom had prior cardiovascular disease.
Ultrasonically registered signs of atherosclerotic process in carotid arteries, hemodynamically significant stenosis of right A.
Computed tomographic (CT) angiography of the neck showed tortuous carotid arteries with a linear hypodense signal traversing each internal carotid artery at the level of the foramen magnum consistent with bilateral internal carotid artery dissections(Figures 1, 2).
Previous studies found that mild hypothermia could prevent neuronal ischemia and stroke during surgical procedures on arteries that supply the brain, especially with extended occlusive lesions on both internal carotid arteries (4).
The Carotid WALLSTENT Endoprosthesis and Filter Wire EZ System is the only carotid artery stent system indicated in the United States for the treatment of certain patients at high risk for surgery with either ipsilateral or bilateral carotid artery disease (blockages in carotid arteries on one or both sides of the neck).
1) Lesions in the carotid arteries, which run up either side of the neck to the brain (Figure 4), are one signal of potentially dangerous artery blockage throughout the body.
In the United States, enterprising clinicians with ultrasound machines travel from city to city offering, for a price, to ultrasound the carotid arteries of people without symptoms of transient ischemia or a history of stroke.
Computed tomography (CT) of the neck with contrast revealed that both carotid arteries were displaced medially; the carotid bulb on the right impressed the posterior wall of the oropharynx slightly more than did the bulb on the left (figure, B).
SUMMARY: In head and neck surgery, the common carotid arteries are important landmarks, defining dissection plane during radical neck surgeries.
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