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United States chemist who developed nylon (1896-1937)

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Additional slab-on-grade concrete and structural steel work is scheduled, Carothers added.
Carothers as the sole owner, shareholder, director and office of the Practice.
Carothers, a 10-year veteran economic development professional, has been instrumental numerous industrial locations and expansions in South Mississippi.
Franklin Synergy Bank has opened its newest branch in Franklin, Tennessee, located at Carothers Parkway.
One is Chamberlan Carothers, Managing Director and Co-owner of the Hattiesburg, Miss.-based SVN Southgate Realty.
Carothers brings readers into his Hemingway and Faulkner undergraduate classroom, delving into the assigned reading list, class discussions (such as those on similarities between "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" and "A Rose for Emily"), essay prompts, and exam questions.
In February, 1935, Wallace H Carothers first produced which synthetic material?
Founded by Ken Goff and Judd Carothers, USA FIBER has deep expertise on staff in the most stringent of dark fiber networks, encompassing over 10,000 route miles and 50 years of excellence.
In the back row are emcee Libby Langdon, Libby Langdon Interiors; Emily Martin, Lexington Home Brands; Susan Lorenz, Kravet; Lisa Ferguson, DecorMentor; Leslie Carothers, The Kaleidoscope Partnership; Marilyn Durning, Storis; Christy Tasker, PuTTin'Out; and Withlt 2016 President Violette Forman, Haverty's.
This is the place that Carothers, an assistant professor of chemical engineering and an adjunct assistant professor, as well as a member of the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute and Center for Synthetic Biology at UW, investigates solutions to real-world problems.
President and co-founder of USA Fiber, Judd Carothers, announced the company would be focusing on building key routes that enable its customers to connect simply and reach their clients, infrastructures or applications with improved speed, latency and uptime they will hone their focus by building new dark fiber networks on a massive scale.
Evan Carothers, co-founder and CEO of Docalytics, witnessed disparate systems becoming interconnected in 2014, "with CRM [customer relationship management] becoming the backbone of how many brands are building their content and analytics strategies.
Walton Beverage began distributing craft beer about six months ago, and two months ago they began distributing wine and spirits, said Prudy Carothers, wine sales manager at Walton Beverage.
Gerald Berchet and Wallace Carothers created 81 polyamides for DuPont in 1935, and Polymide 6-6 was selected for further development, becoming Fiber 66.