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a diacritical mark (an inverted circumflex) placed above certain letters (such as the letter c) to indicate pronunciation


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Refining company LyondellBasell (NYSE:LYB) revealed on Monday the election of Darleen Caron as its executive vice president and chief human resources officer effective 30 October 2017.
TV veteran Gloria, 77, was presented with the honour for her contributions to cancer charities after losing former Blue Peter star Caron to the disease in 2004.
Gavin, from Deiniolen, and Caron, of Penmachno, are believed to be the first team to win the silver star title in their debut year.
7m by Paul Caron, a middle man working for the company, on behalf of its insurance broker.
52-year-old Caron and her husband Jeffrey took turns caring for Sylvia, who lost her battle with cancer recently, so she could remain at their home.
In his new role, Caron will be focused on business development of the bank's asset-based lending and factoring programs in the Northeast United States.
HSBC has committed support to Caron Bermuda for adolescent and family outpatient programmes and since setting up, 92 adolescent and family members have taken part in the programme.
Caron served as the president of Olive Garden at Darden Restaurants Inc.
We are eager to speak to new dealers," said Steve Keiser, Caron Forensics chairman.
Caron could be awarded interim costs for a public interest case before the Alberta Provincial Court).
Denis Caron, who runs a branch of Innovative Trailer Design, saw an opportunity when Alberta Education announced a $79-million initiative to expand career education opportunities and solidify a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.
Using his experience in developing these two other startups, Caron began to work in earnest on Snac.
Caron, who lives in Paris and runs a bed and breakfast part of the year, won an Emmy in 2007 for her work as a rape victim who comes forward to convict her attacker after decades of suppressing the truth.
James Caron draws on contemporary scholarship and his own careful readings to offer a fresh and comprehensive perspective on those early years--and to challenge many long-standing views of Mark Twain's place in the tradition of American humor.