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a native or resident of the Carolinas

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This campaign reflects the NCPC s confidence that industry is ready to invest in the state and give North Carolinians additional opportunities for well-paying jobs.
The very significant influences of underlying Carolinian social history and more immediate Pohnpeian cultural influences are largely disregarded.
The Carolinian operates one daily round trip between New York City and Charlotte, with the state supporting the service betweenCharlotte and Washington, D.
In 1941 Robert Morgan, 23, a privileged North Carolinian, had little idea of what air warfare might mean when he joined the U.
The first section, rendered in four parts, is a series written from the perspective of the imaginary black man blamed by South Carolinian Susan Smith for kidnapping her children in the well-documented case.
In Hope of Liberty (the title is a conscious echo of The Hope of Liberty, a book of poetry written by an enslaved North Carolinian named George Moses Horton and published in 1829) reminds us how far we have come over the past thirty-eight years in fleshing out this complex narrative.
He was the protege of another strongly anti-Clinton North Carolinian, Jesse Helms, who also dined with Sentelle and Faircloth that day in the Senate dining room.
3 percent of the toluene into carbon dioxide per day, while the South Carolinian microbes converted 5.
They have been a key sponsor of our festival since its inception and their increased support will help us reach our goal to bring the wonder of hands-on science within reach of every North Carolinian.
Gallay's inability to shed much light on this topic does not detract from this valuable book, which in any event was constructed as a study of how European and Indian societies rose and fell in the half-century after the arrival of white Carolinian settlers.
Although some may wonder why the main character, a lifelong North Carolinian, doesn't speak with a Southern accent while his fellow police officers do, Ganser does give variety to the voices of the other characters.
Especially instructive is Cohodas's comparison of Thurmond with Waties Waring, an older South Carolinian cut from the same genetic cloth as Thurmond.
The mail train sideswiped The Carolinian, an Amtrak train traveling south from New York to Charlotte, N.
Until this year, the 45-year-old North Carolinian rarely spoke in such terms.
South Carolinian Jimmy Byrne, Roosevelt's close aide and one-time secretary of state, appointed Riley's father assistant U.