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a long archipelago of more than 500 islands in Micronesia to the east of the Philippines

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The New York Comedy Festival will be presented by Carolines on Broadway, NYC & Company, Alliance, Comedy Central & WABC-TV.
Carolines on Broadway was the training ground to many of today's top comedians, so the anniversary celebration is a homecoming to those comedians who were given their start in the business by the "Queen of Comedy" Caroline Hirsch.
Native New Yorker Caroline Hirsch first opened Carolines as a cabaret in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.
Neither hiring a babysitter nor pushing Caroline in a wheelchair while maneuvering a grocery cart was practical, so Drew Ann Long gave new meaning to the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention" and designed a custom cart that would allow her to shop with all of her children freely.
In 2012, Caroline was named a National Youth Ambassador for Easter Seals, an opportunity that gave a greater platform for her story and the cart that bears her name.
Drew Ann and David Long's journey began in 2000 when daughter Caroline was born with multiple disabilities.
Caroline Leed's Book, Dear Tooth Fairy, Dear Caroline, Features Published Collection of Letters; All Proceeds to Benefit Children's Charities
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Caroline Leed, 13, with her parents, Steven and Elizabeth Leed, have introduced the unveiling of her new book, Dear Tooth Fairy, Dear Caroline.