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Curiously, the scientists could produce hybrids of Carolina hemlock but not of eastern hemlock.
The inventory found the habitat of a rare animal--the Eastern Woodrat, the Carolina Hemlock Bluff plant community, four rare plants, seeps, springs, mountain streams, and the property's ridgeline, which contains an old-growth forest of 150-year old trees.
In addition to western hemlock, other hemlocks include eastern hemlock, white hemlock, Carolina hemlock, mountain hemlock, southern Japanese hemlock, northern Japanese hemlock, Chinese hemlock and Himalayan hemlock.
The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), and the Carolina Hemlock (Tsuga caroliniana), are very important components of the natural forest ecosystems of the eastern United States.
You can help fund the effort to save these native old-growth eastern and Carolina hemlocks from this invasive pest.
Both combatants hail from the forests of Japan, where trees similar to eastern and Carolina hemlocks grow.
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