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of or relating to the life and times of kings Charles I or Charles II of England


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A two-year restoration project to restore the Carolean Garden at Packwood House, near Knowle, to its 19th century glory has now been completed.
Victoria Kahn carefully delineates the terms and stakes of the debate over that latter work in "the 'new' genre of pastoral romance," seeing in its representation of calculating self-interest the potential not only for an aesthetics based on pleasure and the passions (especially in translation, at the Carolean court) but also for the new "self-regulating subject" of political discourse.
Long, low, gloomy, this Regency-encrusted Carolean hall crouches in its barbered acres above black-gold-yielding seams of coal; the clanking of trolleys in the pits below plain heard in the cellars, furnace-glow from the close at hand foundries flickering of the parkland statues and surfaces of ornamental waters, a black dust drift from the pit-heads lying stippled thick on leaves and lawns - unwelcome reminders all of a first-footing in decidedly unaristocratic industry.
During the second half of the 16th century, books had been published on the orders of architecture and, from early Carolean times (1660) to the end of the Georgian period (1830), anyone who was educated or who pretended to be had a grasp of the orders and their system of design.
He is currently in the process of writing his dissertation, preliminarily entitled, "Thomas Killigrew and the Carolean Stage Rivalry in London, 1660-1682".
There is a hall with a superb Carolean staircase in oak and the Grand Parlour looking east and south with a rich geometric ceiling design which includes a hunting scene.