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of or relating to the life and times of kings Charles I or Charles II of England


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Rothstein, Eric and Frances Kavenik 1988: The Designs of Carolean Comedy.
In its return to, even elaboration upon the splendor of the Mytens/Van Dyck composition, this Carolean image stands in marked contrast to the domestic, private, and demythologized image of the Cromwells with which we began.
He is currently in the process of writing his dissertation, preliminarily entitled, "Thomas Killigrew and the Carolean Stage Rivalry in London, 1660-1682".
Neighbours don't get much more impressive than Clopton House near Stratford, the ne Carolean mansion built in the 17th century.
She and her husband Dewi, both retired GPs, bought the Grade II listed, Carolean, moated manor house nine years ago after returning to North Wales.
Clopton House is a photogenic Carolean mansion, dating to the 1600s, built impressively close to StratforduponAvon and complete with a longish mention in Pevsner.
For Hume's discussion of the "philosophical libertine," taking Marriage A-la-Mode as "the first serious presentation and analysis of libertine ideas in Carolean comedy," see 42-43.
Plas Newydd at Glynllifon near Caernarfon is a Grade ll* listed Carolean, moated manor house dating from around 1632 with even earlier origins.
But his new artistic concerns--apparent in his admission that rhyme hinders the expression of passion and pity--reflect the changing form of serious drama among Carolean playwrights.
As well as the obvious contrasts between Cromwellian success and Carolean failure on the foreign stage the story of the Naseby/Royal Charles also highlights some surprising similarities between the 1650s and the 1660s.
For those not using this book as a historical reference--its organization deliberately resists access as an introduction to Restoration politics--the book serves as a quirky and stylish account of the Carolean period--a designation Patterson would surely reject--whether one views these decades as a period of heroic resistance to royal tyranny or as a endlessly complex multi-plot drama featuring schemers trying to achieve political advantage on their own terms.
The virtue of this volume is in its uncovering still-new ways of remembering Elizabeth, and particularly, the political appropriations of Elizabeth in the Jacobean and late Carolean periods.