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The brew from the carob pod will be only slightly reminiscent of regular coffee, but is pleasing nonetheless.
Carob pods are more than ingredients for a delicious rice and mushroom dish served by their creative young chef, Pedro, who speaks about its desirable flavor being a combination or middle flavor between chocolate and roasted coffee, used in both sweet and savory dishes.
Analytical approach and effects of condensed tannins in carob pods (Ceratonia siliqua) on feed intake, digestive and metabolic responses of kids.
FOUR Turkish Cypriots have been arrested and yesterday remanded in custody for four days on suspicion of stealing 4,000 kilos of carob pods.
A patrol car stopped the two vehicles and a subsequent search discovered the carob pods valued at e1/41,200 from Mazotos.
The following day I set out on a gentler walk, guided by Nicolas, who with his wife Maria, runs Nicolas and Maria's Cottages in Anogyra, a pleasantly ramshackle, oldfashioned village that is famous for the sticky toffee called pastelli, made from carob pods.
On the spot I finished sipping the cup of coffee his unmarried handicapped daughter had made us, convinced my friend Toufiq to abandon the morning paper I found him reading and to join me for the ardent task of knocking down a dozen bushels of ripe carob pods off my tree.
Even when we narrow our focus to preaching and teaching based on Luke's Gospel, we are confronted with an enormous amount of detailed analysis of everything from carob pods to the standard vocabulary of friendship in the ancient world.
At the base of these walls, neatly spaced around the perimeter, were low whitewashed troughs of stone, each of which held several bushels of farm produce: favas, almonds, carob pods, wheat, and garbanzos.
WHEN THE carob pods ripen, the wind will shake them off the tree and down onto the corrugated roof of the veranda -- clatter, bang, wallop -- every day and night for the next month.
For livestock feeding, carob pods have been found slightly superior to barley.