carnauba wax

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hard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes

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For lips prone to dryness and cracking, Hemp Lip Conditioner from the Body Shop contains lanolin, beeswax and carnuba wax to protect, soothe and soften, pounds 3.
Products include natural carnuba wax and lanolin shoe polishes and creams to ensure a longer-lasting and more lustrous shine than synthetic wax or petroleum-based polishes.
Coal tar pitch Water Ca(OH) + CO Petroleum asphalt Sodium silicate Ca (OH) + Molasses Portland cement Plastic resins Sodium silicate + CaCl Carnuba wax Glues Sodium silicate + CO Paraffin Starch Clay Gums Dry starch Bentonite Dry sugars Tapioca Wood tars Glucose Gilsonite Sucrose Dextrin Lignosulfonates Molasses Alginates
5mm Match bullets both with and without Moly coating with a light film of carnuba wax (for reducing both friction and barrel wear).