Carnot cycle

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a cycle (of expansion and compression) of an idealized reversible heat engine that does work without loss of heat

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The two constant volume process of stirling engines increase the work output with reasonable increase in pressure and volume unlike Carnot cycle where pressure and volume increase are very high [2]
We started with a short (approximately 10 min) discussion about the Carnot cycle, how to calculate the work as the area enclosed in the p-V diagram, Carnot efficiency, and how power is defined and calculated as work divided by time.
Allowing for 1[degrees]F (0.6[degrees]C) of saturated temperature loss due to pressure drops on the high and low sides (for average evaporating and condensing temperatures of 46[degrees]F [7.8[degrees]C] and 129[degrees]F [53.9[degrees]C], respectively), the Carnot COP of a Carnot cycle (TC /(TH-TC)) with TC and TH of 46[degrees]F [7.8[degrees]C] and 129[degrees]F [53.9[degrees]C], respectively, is 6.10.
In comparative purchases, scant regard is paid to the qL=h1-h4 or the Carnot cycle in the process of purchasing a fridge ...
This important and dynamic field studies fuel cells that can achieve higher efficiencies for energy conversion than conventional systems based on the Carnot cycle. Contributors describe how to design and operate molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC), with special focus on a type that integrates the generation of hydrogen by methane steam reforming and electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen in a single unit.
The Carnot cycle is often used to derive a mathematical expression for the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
He drones: "An air-conditioning unit is just the physical manifestation of the Carnot Cycle - which is talking about the exchange between two closed systems." Yawn.
Any energy-conversion limitations imposed by the Carnot cycle apply equally to hydrogen and gasoline.
Unlike conventional internal combustion engines (such as those used in a car), the Plasma Turbine Engine is based on an isothermal Carnot cycle, which, according to CEO Stephen Riddell, puts it streets ahead of the rest.
Linde's discussion of the Carnot cycle prompted Diesel to formulate the desire "'to realize the Carnot process'" (p.
The maximum theoretical efficiency is equivalent to the Carnot cycle, however the efficiency of real engines is less than this value because of friction and other losses.