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French physicist who founded thermodynamics (1796-1832)

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The Carnot Prize is given to the personalities who have revolutionised the understanding of energy policy.
de C.V (Carnot Laboratorios) the exclusive right to market Natesto in 19 Central and Latin American countries, the company said.
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, an India-based automaker, has agreed to acquire a 22.9 percent interest in Carnot Technologies, which owns and operates smart car solutions provider, CarSense.
In their investigation, Curzon and Ahlborn considered a Carnot cycle operating at finite time by modeling the time-dependent energy losses in the isotherms [1].
By combining these two ideas, Carnot was able to analyze a number of cycles in which caloric flowed in and out of a cycle while producing useful work.
The market's over by midday, so take an "apero" (aperitif), then a simple lunch with the locals at Bar Felix, the sunniest brasserie on Place Carnot. A two-course menu, including a glass of wine, costs around pounds 10 a head.
"We haven't really felt it with Kmart yet -- but Albertson's is going to hurt a lot," Carnot said.
Carnot is a multi-annual programme of technical actions promoting the clean and efficient use of solid fuels (1998 to 2002), adopted by Council Decision 1999/24/EC of December 14, 1998.
The first to study steam engine efficiency scientifically was a French physicist, Nicolas-Leonard-Sadi Carnot (1796-1832).
Sources: Carnot, Lazare N., Memoires historiques et militaires sur Carnot.
One name is Sadi Carnot. Without his work there would be no thermodynamics, engineering, or standard of living as we know them today.
The report, which was promptly adopted by the Parliament, welcomes a Commission proposal to launch a new multiannual programme of technological action to promote the clean and efficient use of solid fuels, called CARNOT, but insists on the importance of involving Central and Eastern European countries at all levels.