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3) Showing that severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was caused by a coronavirus that is normally found in civet cats and other carnivorous animals.
To those who scoff that parks and carnivorous animals don't mix, I reply: Everglades National Park.
From listening to a snake explain how carnivorous animals must eat other animals as a way of life, to witnesses the industrious food-hoarding of a squirrel preparing for winter, to learning the importance of respecting their friend's feelings, and much more, The Adventures Of Melon And Turnip is an educational delight with a positive, character-building message.
Most food is considered halal, or lawful, by Muslims, except products prepared using alcohol, pork, animal blood or meat from carnivorous animals or animals improperly killed.
Before the foot-and-mouth outbreak, carnivorous animals were fed beef from local slaughterhouses.
Whales and mesonychids among ungulates seem to be unique in that they resemble carnivorous animals," says O'Leary.
A spokeswoman for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, who run the zoo, said yesterday: "Edinburgh Zoo has always been careful about the sourcing of meat for its carnivorous animals.
All this is a bad dream, it isn't happening today, it's the past, the very distant past of the first carnivorous animals and I'm not their eyewitness.
FIRST LEGO(R) League (FLL) Teams from all over the country get ready for the dangerous world of icebergs, frostbite, carnivorous animals and mile-high slushies in the biggest snow squall of the century in response to this year's Challenge - ARCTIC IMPACT
Mongooses are carnivorous animals that feed on insects such as beetles but are also known to attack snakes including the venomous cobra.
By analyzing fossil evidence from skeletons, eggs, and soft tissue of bird-like dinosaurs and primitive birds, we've learned that birds are living theropod dinosaurs, a group of carnivorous animals that include Velociraptor.
Targeted are large carnivorous animals who prey on smaller animals and keep their numbers in check.
But these 40 were only a small part of the 364 steeds in the array, while besides this, 16 lumbering elephants, 16 camels, a number of caged carnivorous animals, 20 or 30 ponies, and 250 gaily-apparelled people took their share in the unique show.