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Fast- moving, carnivorous animal, like a cross between a shrew and a large cat, a long mobile snout helped it hunt for prey in the leaf litter.
Washington, April 23 (ANI): A newly discovered fossilized skeleton of a carnivorous animal, has helped scientists pinpoint the origin of flippers - limb adaptations for swimming in water, in seals, sea lions, and the walrus.
As explained in the regional environmental department, such measures are taken to eliminate the danger of spreading the rabies virus, to prevent attacks of carnivorous animals on people and farm animals.
The incidents we are talking about are of carnivorous animals and not the regular average animals that are banned from homes like sheep, goats and rabbits but continue to be raised due to cleanliness issues and noise besides damages to property.
Stock of meat for carnivorous animals and other food are being depleted.
Built by the National Zoological Department, the park consists of six zones, two for herbivorous and four for carnivorous animals.
He said the meat intake of carnivorous animals like tigers, panthers, jaguars and lions is reduced by 1- 2 kg during summer.
Generally, all carnivorous animals find it difficult to cope with heat but lions are an exception.
SARAH Evans has joined four other senior keepers on the big cats section where she'll be caring for carnivorous animals including lions, tigers, snow leopards, hunting dogs, lynx, meerkats and sealions.
The safari park needs 35 million square meters to house herbivorous and carnivorous animals, sanctuaries for birds, butterflies and reptiles, an aquarium, Jurassic park and zoological gardens.
Carnivorous animals also get plenty of folate, because they consume herbivorous animals.
Snow Leopards Foundation seeks to work for conservation of snow leopards and other wild carnivorous animals across Pakistan, while improving the lives of people who live in the neighborhood of their habitats.
The group of kids swallowed her up as if she was invisible, like a herd of carnivorous animals thundering past a deer to a tastier kill.
Now, millions of the carnivorous animals are heading for Scotland on the current.