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an engineering university in Pittsburgh

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The QSTP has been running the TIEP programme, which was formerly known as Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (CIEP), in collaboration with Carnegie Melon University since 2007.
A recent study by Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh compared the global warming impact of food miles for various diets.
Researchers from the Pittsburghs Carnegie Melon University found that the loneliness and social isolation that university freshman experiences in the first semester is powerful enough to have a very real impact on immune function, with potentially health relevant implications, BBC Radio reported.
Perkins has worked as an adjunct professor at Carnegie Melon University, Institute of Design of the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois.
Godspell" began as a master's thesis by the author, the late John Michael Tebelak, at Carnegie Melon University in 1970.
Imagine Peace" on August 6 included the Shadow Project, while on August 9 there was a vigil outside Carnegie Melon Software Engineering Institute to focus on defense work being done there.
Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Melon professor dying of pancreatic cancer, gained immediate fame when his taped lecture made it to YouTube.
532 = ACPE alumni with Master of Medical Management or MBA degrees from Carnegie Melon University, Tulane University, University of Southern California and University of Massachusetts
Peter Cooley, A Place Made of Starlight, Carnegie Melon UP, 2003.
Tuck was followed by U Michigan, Carnegie Melon, Northwestern U, and University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, which ranked a disappointing 18 in last year's poll).
Jared Cohon, president of Carnegie Melon University;
is starting a virtual university called Cardean, delivering courses designed with help from Columbia University, Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Carnegie Melon University and the London School of Business.
Ken Keeley, placement director at Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, affirmed that of the 190 graduates of the Class of 2000 [33 of which include all minorities], only five opted for entrepreneurial careers.
Education: University of Pittsburgh; Carnegie Melon University; Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.
The Transaction Generator with DRAM model kit and 8 new models from Hong Kong University were developed by Tampere University of Technology and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in conjunction with members of OCP-IP's Network on Chip Benchmarking working group including: Boston University, University of British Columbia, Carnegie Melon University, Washington State University, and Transylvania University in cooperation with industry members of the OCP-IP.
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