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Synonyms for carnation

Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red spice-scented usually double flowers

a pink or reddish-pink color

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pink or pinkish

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References in classic literature ?
I had sent her a few carnations from Skuytercliff, and I was astonished.
The white stairs, the deep crimson of the carpet, and the light blue of the dress made an effective combination of colour to set off the delicate carnation of that face, which, after the first glance given to the whole person, drew irresistibly your gaze to itself by an indefinable quality of charm beyond all analysis and made you think of remote races, of strange generations, of the faces of women sculptured on immemorial monuments and of those lying unsung in their tombs.
A nod to Miss Judson sent her to open the door, and entered two policemen, a police sergeant, and a professionally whiskered person in a business suit with a carnation in his button-hole.
Her glance quailed not, her cheek blanched not, for the fear of a fate so instant and so horrible; on the contrary, the thought that she had her fate at her command, and could escape at will from infamy to death, gave a yet deeper colour of carnation to her complexion, and a yet more brilliant fire to her eye.
Sometimes they wore necklaces of small carnation flowers, strung like rubies upon a fibre of tappa, or displayed in their ears a single white bud, the stem thrust backward through the aperture, and showing in front the delicate petals folded together in a beautiful sphere, and looking like a drop of the purest pearl.
Stewart ATRY carnations, chrysanthemums and alstroemeria.
She added: "Lilies and carnations are popular and are getting a revival again because of the selection of colours available.
Though roses may be the choice for the day, carnations are also a great option.
An equally elegant option was laid out on a round table covered in gold cloth, its centerpiece a large, tall arrangement of fuchsia blooms-roses, carnations, cascades of Phalaenopsis-with ropes of clear glass beads hanging from underneath.
Following the speeches, the people left carnations at explosion site.
Holding carnations and shouting slogans, the protesters tried to march to Istanbul's main square, where Gezi is located, but were blocked by police.
A LOLLIPOP man's successful campaign to get people to wear red carnations in memory of those who died at Hillsborough is set to move from Aintree to Anfield.
Mother's Day Basket [pounds sterling]26.99: Featuring cerise alstroemeria, 2 pink carnations, a pink spray chrysanthemum, 2 cerise freesia, a pink large-headed rose and a lilac September flower with salal and eucalyptus, presented in a sage wash softwood pail trimmed with a 'Happy Mother's Day' cotton ribbon.
Red Carnations' properties in Ireland, Switzerland and South Africa were also honoured at the awards.