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(of a tooth) adapted for shearing flesh

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The canines (LM 1-3) were wider and carnassial were little longer and placed posterior (LM 4).
Myacyon is close to Afrocyon, but the tendency to elongate the carnassials, in the case of the P4 in addition developing a strong parastyle, led to some of these forms being previously related to Agnotherium (Kurten, 1976; Morales and Pickford, 2005) but the retention of relatively large post-carnassial molars renders this proposal unlikely.
The skull is elongated and rather flat and narrow, the carnassial teeth are sharp, forming efficient shearing blades, and the molars retain the primitive tribosphenic pattern.
Carnassials act like scissors, and enable the tiger to shear meat off bones.
Female spotted-tailed quolls in southeast Queensland have longer carnassials than those in the southeastern mainland, which are larger than those in Tasmania, although only the difference between Queensland and Tasmania is significant (Tukey hsd, P = 0.
Deciduous P3 and p4 function as carnassials, resembling permanent P4 and m1, respectively.
Ursoidea characterized by a more primitive and complete dentition than that of the Ursidae, with developed premolars, a lingual cristid in the p4, relatively sharper and larger carnassials than in the Ursidae, protocone of P4 in mesial position, small talonid in the m1, upper molars always wider than long and presence of a premasseteric fossa in the more derived taxa.