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(psychoanalysis) a Freudian term for sexual urge or desire

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Each desperate for the high and exhilaration of power and wealth they once used to feel together as a militia during the war, the trio bands together and establishes a rat extermination company, discovering new outlets for their carnal desires, however megalomaniacal or twisted they may be.
Thus, the language in Across the River and into the Trees alternates between the registers of courtly love and carnal desire in a manner that has given critics reason to judge Renata as either a chaste maiden or a selfish, sex-starved vampiress.
Again in Day 2 and 3, male narrators focus on women's physical beauty and carnal desire, while female narrators describe women as a composite picture of moral, intellectual and physical qualifies, and somewhat hesitant to engage in carnal and often illicit relationships.
The lyrical subject's carnal desire and spiritual homesickness fluctuate just as the aesthetically attractive images flow, suggesting the omnipresence of water, this symbol that at once speaks for the destructive masculine and the healing feminine force.
can't control their carnal desire for each other, then one gets married (to a man).
The fault lies in the lyrics, whose hint of carnal desire with promises like ``daddy's on a mission to please'' and ``I'll let you whip me if I misbehave'' go unfulfilled.
Here Berry explores how men negotiated--and thus created--the cultural tension between the image of white women as remote objects of moral purity and, at the same time, as objects of carnal desire.
Moreover, for the Shakers, who practice celibacy, dancing not only manifests joy, it is also effective in "shaking out" the evils of carnal desire or mind and helping a person live a "virgin" life, pure in heart and soul.
This is an encouraging development, but I think we must all be on guard to assure that "Business After Hours" does not degenerate into a cesspool of animal lust and unfettered carnal desire.
Supporting performances are solid and Oldroyd spares his leading cast few blushes in scenes of wanton carnal desire.
Screenwriters Trevor De Silva and Kevin Hood use this true event as the starting point for a heart-warming comedy of manners, which propels the two princesses on journeys of self-discovery in a capital awash with carnal desire and danger.
Wherever MH is, his earthly and carnal desire toward women is there.
State Sonnets is a compact book of brief poems crafted around the vessel of a road trip--from highway romance to lost regrets to carnal desire and surprising sights.
This requires the sexually inexperienced Eun-jin to undergo tutorials of a more explicit nature, unlocking a torrent of repressed carnal desire.