Carmelite order

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a Roman Catholic mendicant order founded in the 12th century

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They reflect seriously on the implications involved in offering their lives as a free and heroic sacrifice for the preservation of the Carmelite order and the salvation of France.
Dominic Savino, president of Crespi High School in Encino, was removed from his position in March after the Carmelite Order found evidence supporting allegations of sexual misconduct with 10 teen-age boys between 1966 and 1979.
Teresa met with tremendous resistance in her efforts to reform the Carmelite order.
Whitefriars was founded by the Carmelite order in 1342 and included a church, one of several religious buildings that dominated the mediaeval Coventry skyline.
After years of study, she has now joined the Carmelite Order, in Holy Hill Hermitage, Skreen, Co Sligo.
At the same time the Vatican proposed establishing a convent for the Carmelite order at the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, an action that provoked Jewish outcries that the Catholic Church was seeking to make Auschwitz its own and would be using the convent to engage in proselytizing Jews.
In Norway's far north, amid a harsh landscape and unforgiving climate, Lund & Slaatto's convent for nuns of the reclusive Carmelite order embodies a pragmatic yet poetic sensibility.
When I was 16, my father sent me to a monastery - a silent Carmelite order in Kent.
Three chapters of the book are devoted to a detailed examination of the origins and development of the Carmelite Order in the Latin East, linking the historical past to the geographical present in the attempt to locate the earliest settlements and the author saves the best for last with a brilliant final chapter which probes the ideological and physical dimensions of "The Geography of Holiness.
After becoming a nun of the Carmelite order, Bawardy helped found the Carmelite Monastery in Bethlehem, and died there in 1878, aged 33.
From reading the works of the reformer of the Carmelite Order, St.
Second Order Carmelites are cloistered nuns the male Carmelite order has taken under its fraternal care.
The Mass will be a very special one, with Dolgellau's Nuns of the Carmelite Order receiving a special invite by Bishop Edwin Regan to leave the convent to join us.
Teresa of Avila, the 16th century Spanish reformer of the Carmelite Order and the first woman Doctor of the Church; this work became a lifelong passion for him.