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a Roman Catholic mendicant order founded in the 12th century

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The chapel originally had an image of Saint Paul in Ecstasy, but Bernini chose an obscure event from the autobiography of Saint Theresa of Avila, the one who had refounded the Carmelite Order in Spain and given it new life.
The markings on his coffee cup bear a striking resemblance to the image of the Virgen del Carmen - the patroness of the Carmelite order of priests and a common invocation of the Virgin Mary.
In the second article, Saverio Sturm focuses on the architectural patronage of the Carmelite order, in particular the Discalced branch, which originated in sixteenth-century Spain under the guidance of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross.
The rustic origins of the school are revealed in the interruption of a routine class by a member of the Carmelite order who, stalking through the room uninvited, fired his shotgun into a flock of crows through the window (p.
Assessing the work on its own terms, Alban (Bursar General of the Carmelite Order, he holds a doctorate in church history from the U.
Oswald Refeisen, a Polish Jew, voluntarily converted to Catholicism and eventually became Father Daniel of the Carmelite Order.
Father Manning contacted his superior, Father Martin Mc-Greal, the Carmelite order's Prior Provincial, based in Kent.
She added: "The Mass will be a very special one, with Dolgellau's nuns of the Carmelite Order receiving special permission to leave the convent to join us.
Originally a slave, Esperanza was bequeathed to a Carmelite order and worked for them for more than 60 years.
May that of Christ's enlighten me one day." (29) Poulenc took comfort that in the midst of his estrangement from Lucien and his inability to work on the composition, he was receiving spiritual help from the Carmelite order. In July of that terrible summer, he received a letter from an American Carmelite, Father Griffin, promising him the community's prayers: I hasten to assure you that not only the Carmelite fathers of Dallas, but all the Carmelites in the United States--Fathers, Sisters and Brothers--are beginning a novena for you this week.
It is also ironic that literacy was a rarely-waived requirement for entry into the discalced Carmelite order, in which solitary reading and meditation were an integral component of daily life (p.
But not until 1629, following decades of effort by his patrician family and the Carmelite order, was Andrea inscribed in the catalog of saints.
Giesman has been a third order Carmelite for 12 years, which means he has made promises--not vows--to live the gospel in the spirit of the Carmelite order.