Mount Carmel

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a mountain range in northwestern Israel near the Mediterranean coast

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An Israeli Facebook group has been created to provide the latest news, information and emergency telephone numbers in regard to the Israel fire disaster in the Carmel Mountains near the city of Haifa.
Many of the victims were prison guards travelling on a bus which was caught in the inferno in the Carmel Mountains near the northern city of Haifa.
Jerusalem, Dec 11 (ANI): A marine archeologist has put forward a theory that suggests the origin of the flood of Noah, which according to the bible had destroyed much of humanity, was the Carmel Mountains in Israel.
Since then the two youth have been held in the Damon Prison in Al Carmel Mountains, which has been deemed "unfit for humans."A petition was submitted to the President of the Arab Nation's Office and to the offices of the Israeli Prime Minister and Israeli Security to garner their release.
Carmel Mountains, an area close to the city of Haifa.