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In 1973 Pc Brown was one of the first officers on the scene when Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal shot Jewish businessman and then Marks & Spencer boss Joseph Sieff, and five years later he supported the Met's Special Branch during the arrest of Astrid Proll, a member of revolutionary terrorists the Baader-Meinhof gang, or the Red Army Faction.
Paris: Notorious Venezuelan militant Carlos the Jackal returned to court in Paris on Monday to appeal his conviction for a series of deadly bombings in France 30 years ago.
Portrayed as an "anti-Zionist activist" inIranian media, Coutant-Peyre defended notorious Venezuelan militant Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, alias Carlos the Jackal, who is serving a life term in France for deadly attacks in the 1980s.
Bush "the devil" to hailing the veteran Marxist militant known as Carlos the Jackal, Chavez has never lost an opportunity to goad and shock the West, and the United States in particular.
From visiting Iraq's Saddam Hussain in 2000 to cheering Libya's Muammar Gaddafi during his final days in 2011; from calling former US leader George W Bush "the devil" to hailing the veteran Marxist militant known as Carlos the Jackal, Chavez has never lost an opportunity to goad and shock the West, and the US in particular.
Years ago, the infamous Carlos the Jackal sent me a letter from his French prison in which he said that the decision to kidnap OPEC ministers in 1975 was taken by a man called Muammar Gaddafi.
COLD War terrorist Carlos the Jackal has been handed a second life term in France.
Carlos the Jackal, a Venezuelan terrorist and once one of world's most-wanted men, who has already been serving a life sentence in a French prison for a triple murder in 1975, was sentenced to life in prison again at the end of a trial in the French capital, Paris, for instigating four bombings in France in 1982 and 1983 that killed 11 people and injured more than 140 others.
Carlos the Jackal is among the most prominent international terrorists who entered Bulgaria prior to 1991, Bulgaria's Deputy Interior Minister Veselin Vuchkov announced, citing data from the former Warsaw Pact intelligence data system, aka SOUD.
Summary: A smiling Carlos the Jackal has begun his trial in Paris in connection with four bomb attacks that killed 11 people in France in the 1980s
The long list of infamous gangsters the Libyan leader has wined and dined includes Carlos the Jackal.
Central European streets are known for changing their names as often as Carlos the Jackal, or at least as often as a war - whether ideological or using real bullets - is lost or won.
Carlos: The Movie (15) The shortened (166 mins) of the five-hour French miniseries about 70s terrorist Carlos The Jackal.
the his CARLOS THE JACKAL (Cert 15, 158 mins) OLIVIER Assayas's epic examines the rise to notoriety of the terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal (Edgar Ramirez).
Carlos by Olivier Assayas, which narrates the story of the notorious international revolutionary Carlos the Jackal, was awarded the Jury Special Mention for rendering the complex portrait of an era, a region and a controversial character.