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prolific Italian dramatist (1707-1793)


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Mary Lou Kohfeldt suggests that 'even the plays Augusta chose to translate were part of the creative process of the plays she wrote, adding sidelights, presenting themes in another light, and while she was working on the two sad and weighty love stories from the epics, she translated Mirandolina, a comedy by Carlo Goldoni, the plot of which is a comic parallel to Grania.
Fine art is only the beginning: FIAC is a sponsor of a production of "Arlecchino Servitore di Due Padroni" by Carlo Goldoni, part of the current Lincoln Center Festival, and is in talks to open a 2-theater complex devoted to Italian plays and films.
The study is prefaced by an examination of a perceived "Dalmatian Loyalty" to the "Venetian Lion" in the literature of eighteenth-century Venice, focusing in particular on Carlo Goldoni and Carlo Gozzi (chapter one).
The one-act play La Vedova Goldoni, is an imaginary dialogue between Cunegonde, a prostitute, and Maria Nicoletta Connio, the widow of the Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni.
Nicholas Hytner's sold-out, five-star production One Man, Two Guvnors, written by Richard Bean is based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, with songs by Grant Olding.
The programme for the festival includes a broad range of plays from the classic A Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni to the world premiere of Girls Like That by Evan Placey.
The book covers several geographical areas inside and outside of Italy, and it focuses on a period of forty years: from 1750, when Carlo Goldoni and Baldassarre Galuppi's II "tondo della lima received its premiere in Venice, to 1790.
The play is an adaptation of The Servant of Two Masters, a 1743 comedy by Carlo Goldoni (trivia fans among you may like to know our own Lee Hall adapted it for a well-received production back in 1999, but I digress).
I Quattro Rusteghi is based on the play of the same name by the 18th-century Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni, who was also the author of The Servant of Two Masters on which the current National Theatre hit, One Man, Two Guvnors is based.
Come l'autore riferisce nella Premessa e precisa ulteriormente nella Nota bibliografica d'apertura, il volume raccoglie saggi pensati e scritti in prospettiva o in occorrenza del trecentesimo anniversario della nascita di Carlo Goldoni celebrato nel 2007.
This dramma giocoso has a wickedly funny libretto by Carlo Goldoni, heavy on requited love that can only be consummated with endless trickery Among the 11 characters are three would-be couples, while the chief obstacle to marriage is the wealthy Buonofede.
Carlo Goldoni, Three Comedies, selected and introduced by Gabriele Baldini (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1961), p.
Carlo Goldoni (1707-93) elevated the street humor of traditional commedia dell'arte to the drawing room sophistication of revered 17th-century French dramatist Moliere, but director Beth Milles has gone back into the streets in this irreverent, highly entertaining rendering of Goldoni's classic, ``The Servant of Two Masters.
However, Haydn's 1777 Il mondo della luna [The World of the Moon], with a libretto by Carlo Goldoni, has proven to be something of a standout in the composer's otherwise under-appreciated operatic oeuvre: with its absurdly funny, sci-fi themed libretto, and Haydn's elegant, energetic music, this work has earned itself a small niche in the repertory in recent years.
THIS new Richard Bean adaptation of the Carlo Goldoni comedy takes the story to 1960's Brighton where Francis Henshall takes up work as a servant of two masters.