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United States writer remembered for his poetry in free verse and his six volume biography of Abraham Lincoln (1878-1967)


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It pretty much echoes the words of Carl Sandberg: what if they gave a war and nobody came.
Thurston, who died in March of 1981.Sandy is survived by two of her four brothers, Carl Sandberg of Amery, Wis.
Elliot - Carl Sandberg - Gertrude Stein - Deepak Chopra - Upton Sinclair - D.H.
Marilyn sought their help to replace her image as a "dumb blonde" with one of a "serious actress." It was during this time in New York (around 1955) that she rubbed shoulders with intellectuals like Truman Capote and Carl Sandberg.
Throughout time, the Denver Press Club has hosted such distinguished guests as President Woodrow Wilson, Carl Sandberg and Ginger Rogers.
In one case, biographer Carl Sandberg reported, Lincoln responded, "Is this the man that is to raise a breeze in his favor by abusing lawyers?" Today, Lincoln would do the same: He would condemn those who wish to undermine justice by attacking the legal profession.