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United States psychologist who developed client-centered therapy (1902-1987)


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Carl Rogers published Client-Centered Therapy (1951), which conceived the helping relationship in terms of the provision of specific ingredients of a therapeutic situation.
Carl Rogers, as a child, had tremendous interest in moths.
She begins by examining fundamentals of the counseling process and the person-centered approach, then brings together several theories of counseling, including Carl Rogers' belief in the role of the transcendent or 'spiritual', and Dave Mearns' and Brian Thorne's work with configuration of Self.
AFC Telford must rule out Carl Rogers when they travel to full time outfit Southport.
The Shostrom (1965) film Three Approaches to Psychotherapy contains a demonstration session between Carl Rogers and a client named Gloria.
It was vital that Redcar lost no more wickets and Stokesley brought their best bowlers back on to attack - Carl Rogers and Mike Gell.
Eight boxers travelled: Brian Rennie, Greg Ormrod (both Lowe House), Kieran Hart (Rotunda), Paul Marshall (Huyton), Paul Ward (Rotunda), Paul Lovatt (Long Lane), Paul Cummings (Furs) and Carl Rogers (Dovecote).
COLWYN Bay could have Carl Rogers back on the bench after three weeks out with a knee injury for today's return home clash with Bridlington.
Bay goalie Matt Parry starred when he palmed over Gary Williams' stinging drive from the corner and Carl Rogers did well to clear Paul Roberts' close-range effort off the line.
Peter Trego took five for 47 for the visitors but it was an innings dominated by Carl Rogers who scored 86.
Hypnocounseling: An Eclectic Bridge Between Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers. Ross-on-Wye, UK: PCCS Books, 2003.
Caernarfon's triumph came thanks to goals from Chris Moores and Carl Rogers.
Private James Carl Rogers, 17, from Portmead, Swansea, died on Monday while on a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo with the Royal Regiment of Wales.
A spokeswoman said he was Private James Carl Rogers, a member of the Royal Regiment of Wales from Swansea.
Carl Rogers, probably the most influential psychologist of the twentieth century, asserted that traditional religious morality was "ridiculous."