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Danish composer (1865-1931)

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One of the initiatives that the museum has contributed to is the Carl Nielsen Network, which was established in 2009.
Although scores may be purchased from Wilhelm Hansen, (33) the entire Carl Nielsen Edition is available online.
The Danish composer, Carl Nielsen, is internationally known for his symphonies, but in Denmark he is more revered in his homeland for his many vocal compositions.
The concert started by playing a dramatic musical piece composed by Carl Nielsen, after which Syrian Musician Dyia al-Sukari played a cello solo dubbed / Pictures of the Past/.
Special musical occasions will include the UK premiere of the Oboe Concerto of Shchedrin, played by Jonathan Small, and Thomas Dausgaard conducting the 4th symphony of Carl Nielsen.
The reality is, this is not a single-country issue at all," said Carl Nielsen, who resigned from the FDA in 2005, after 28 years.
While his fellow students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are receiving their diplomas June 9, senior Matthew Roitstein from Valencia will be in Odense, Denmark, one of three Americans competing in the prestigious Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition.
The first performance at Covent Garden of Maskarade by Danish composer Carl Nielsen took place nearly a century after its premiere in 1906 in Copenhagen.
Composer Carl Nielsen claimed, "Music is life and, like it, inextinguishable.
The opening lines of an essay on style in the letters of the Danish composer Carl Nielsen might be appropriate to contemplate for this collection of eighteen essays by scholars from several countries, originally presented as papers at a conference on Nordic letter-writing at the University of East Anglia in 1997.
If you don't know his music already then now is your chance to get to know Denmark's national composer - Carl Nielsen.
The composer Carl Nielsen got to the city in 1884, at the age of nineteen, immediately stopping a policeman to ask where it was they paid you to play the fiddle.
The musician lists Beethoven and the Danish composer, Carl Nielsen, among his heroes and influences.
Inspired by the music of Danish composer Carl Nielsen, Martins called his piece Pan and Syrinx, the myth of a nymph who changes into a reed to escape Pan's pursuit.