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Swedish botanist who proposed the modern system of biological nomenclature (1707-1778)

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(1) Considering that Carl Linnaeus designed his botanical textbooks to be portable so that they could be carried in the field, it is easy to envision Scott and his friend classing "each different plant" with book in hand according to the method of the Swedish botanist.
The first studies relating to classification of creatures had been done in 18th century by Carl Linnaeus (1) Linnaeus had been regarded as the father of morphologic classification (taxonomy).
all animals classified by Carl Linnaeus, to whom some scholars also
Whether detailing the life of Carl Linnaeus (the key figure behind the naming system still used today), or recent advances in molecular biology, material which could easily have been dry is enlivened by wry asides and a fine eye for a pun.
Mi gafodd ei gosod mewn tri theras a threfnu'r planhigion yn ol dull Carl Linnaeus.
An adherent of the botanical classification system of Carl Linnaeus, whose taxonomy was based upon reproductive organs and thus was too lurid, in British opinion, for the gentle feminine pastime of gardening, Darwin translated the Linnaean Systema Vegetabilium from Latin, publishing A System of Vegetables in 1783.
Although it is generally the Japanese who are credited with the discovery of methods to develop the cultured pearl, examples of experiments in achieving these ends in the 1700s by Swedish physician and botanist, Carl Linnaeus are on display, alongside the scientific instruments used in the first half of the 20th century to distinguish between natural and cultured pearls.
While posted at Samuelcottah, Coromandel in the Madras Presidency, Roxburgh came under the influence of Johann Gerhard Konig, an eminent botanist and student of Carl Linnaeus (1707-78), the Swedish botanist who laid the foundations of binominal nomenclature.
As the father of modern taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus solidified binomial nomenclature as the universal naming system and introduced a hierarchical scientific classification system where every organism is placed in a kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species based on defining characteristics.
Inspired by the myth of this hapless maid, the renowned Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus bestowed her name on a lovely marsh shrub, Andromeda polifolia.
GEORGE CLIFFORD'S HERBARIUM SHEET Collection of dried and pressed plants which helped the father of modern botany, Carl Linnaeus, devise a structure for naming specimens.
These include explorers Captain Cook, Christopher Columbus, navigators Gerardus Mercator and Henry the Navigator, botanists and explorers Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus and John Parkinson and landscape architect Andre le Notre.
In a profound sense he shared the mindset of the Encyclopedistes and of classifiers such as Carl Linnaeus, his near contemporary who had coined the term 'Lepidoptera' to group moths and butterflies--indeed, it was like a lepidopterist that Mariette collected, ordered and mounted his specimens.
Woven throughout the book are names you may recognize, like John Miller, who in 1731 published an invaluable advice book called "Gardeners Dictionary," Carl Linnaeus, the "father of plant nomenclature," and Joseph Banks, who circumnavigated the globe on the Endeavour captained by James Cook.