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United States physicist who discovered antimatter in the form of an antielectron that is called the positron (1905-1991)

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Michelle Grey stood no chance against Carl Anderson and top, |Michelle's dazed mum Jane Bollands has been left heartbroken
PC Pete McGinn was crushed by |a car driven by Carl Anderson, right
Present day computer technology allowed “Rock Opera” to feature a duet with the late Carl Anderson and as Ted explained, “It was one more chance to sing with my musical collaborator and best friend.
The funeral will be today at noon at River View Cemetery in Portland for Steven Carl Anderson of Eugene, who died Nov.
In the 2008 agreement, the Knights agreed to fund the bishops' anti-marriage-equality campaigns, while Grand Knight Carl Anderson sits as a consultant to the bishops' ad hoc committee on the same topic.
Carl Anderson went 3-1 at 125 and the WPI wrestling team finished 14th overall in NEWA dual meets at Springfield College while recording its 499th win in program history.
Guitarist Carl Anderson, bassist Lol Halliday and drummer Carl Rooney complete the band's line up.
Signed by Carl Anderson, head of the Knights of Columbus, the "Open Letter to Senator Joseph Biden" criticized Biden for having "cast doubt on the consistent teaching of the Catholic Church on abortion.
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson ignored the situation of June 14, 2007, when at least 16 members of the Knights of Columbus in the Massachusetts legislature defeated the efforts of 170,000 signatories to put traditional marriage on the ballot in 2008.
NAI Capital, an Encino-based commercial real estate brokerage, named Carl Anderson as executive vice president and manager of its Pasadena branch.
Bubber Snow, a 75-year-old former South Carolina legislator who lost his seat to Carl Anderson in 2005, put on his dancing shoes to retire a $5,000 campaign debt.
Dumbarton bring back Ryan Borris but are without Carl Anderson, Danny Ferry and Ian Dobbins
Due to their courage and dedication, Boat Masters Carl Anderson and Michael Wilson were able to protect these $9-million boats from damage and allowed Air Force drone recovery operations to continue.
Carl Anderson of Texas A&M University will give his outlook for the cotton market and discuss other cotton industry issues.
Carl Anderson, Hydrogain's vice president of Corporate Development, stated, "As alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen, wind power, hydropower, and solar energy catch on, the time is ripe to begin an educational effort to help the country's young people understand the importance of making the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources.