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United States physicist who discovered antimatter in the form of an antielectron that is called the positron (1905-1991)

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Carl Anderson and I have agreed to spearhead a data mining effort to analyze a quarter century of ESIGs for the characteristics that are common across exemplary systems (a truly scientific endeavor albeit never looked at by academia).
Carl Anderson is charged with her murder and was brought to the city's crown court for a preliminary hearing.
Signed SS Cole Tucker, C Taylor Gushue, RHP Austin Coley, RHP Sam Street, INF Erik Lunde, OF Carl Anderson, RHP Nick Neumann and RHP Montana DuRapau to minor league contracts.
Ted created the role of Tommy in the original theatrical production of the same name, and “Rock Opera” includes the outstanding track by The Who, “See Me, Feel Me.” The wonderful Yvonne Elliman joins Ted for their duet “Up Where We Belong” and the late, great Carl Anderson is featured in the reimagined “God's Gift To The World.” The Bryan Adams hit, “Do I Have To Say The Words,” is also included, as well as the previously released Christmas classic, “O Holy Night.”
With the recent retirements of both John Corra, director of the Air Quality Division of the WDEQ, and Carl Anderson, administrator of Solid and Hazardous Waste Division of the WDEQ, a new interpretation of recent legislation is emerging that will affect landfills in the Bridger Valley and Evanston as well as surrounding counties.
Carl Anderson had been charged with attempting to murder Pc Peter McGinn but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge during a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court.
The film centres on the conflict between Judas and Jesus during the week before the crucifixion of Jesus Stars Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson were nominated for two Golden Globe Awards in 1974 for their portrayals of Jesus and Judas, respectively.
West Midlands Police said Carl Anderson, 50, had been charged with attempted murder, dangerous driving, burglary and assault.
Carl Anderson, Katrina's father, took over the Cook Inlet side of the business in 1974 while her uncle, Jack (Andy) Anderson III moved to Seward to form Anderson Tug and Barge.
Mattson as Professor of Christian Ethics and Sociology, Eric Wahlstrom as Professor of Greek and New Testament Exegesis, and Carl Anderson as Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis.
Carl Anderson reports discovering a positively charged subatomic particle, later dubbed the positron--the first example of antimatter (9/24/32, p.
"To gain an insight into the causes of primary biliary cirrhosis we compared genetic data from patients and healthy volunteers and found 22 regions of the genome that differed significantly, 15 of which had not previously been identified," said Carl Anderson, from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and one of the senior authors on the paper.
His legacy, from theological contributions to the work he did that helped end Communism and brought freedom and unity to Europe C* is full of tremendous accomplishments," said Carl Anderson, head of the U.S.-based Knights of Columbus, one of the world's largest Catholic charity groups.
In the 2008 agreement, the Knights agreed to fund the bishops' anti-marriage-equality campaigns, while Grand Knight Carl Anderson sits as a consultant to the bishops' ad hoc committee on the same topic.