dental caries

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soft decayed area in a tooth

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SDF 38 percent has 44,800 ppm fluoride, which is nearly double the concentration of fluoride varnish, and in both children and the elderly, one annual SDF application can prevent more carious lesions than fluoride varnish application four times in a year.
Fifty-six percent of the respondents agreed that many patients or their parents would not accept treatment of dental caries with SDF due to the permanent black staining of the carious lesion.
Direct pharmacological intervention onto a carious lesion prior to placing a restoration is an opportunity to assist with the remineralization of carious dentine.
3] seemed to be a good alternative for controlling progression of carious lesions, while the association of NaF-CHX showed to be a good antimicrobial with easy and inexpensive application.
They are especially valuable for initial carious lesions, abfractions/erosions/abrasions and for caries control in a high caries risk patients.
7, 8) In the present case it was accidental discovery with routine radiographic examination which was done to evaluate the carious lesion on the distal aspect of tooth 74.
Early childhood caries (ECC) is the presence of one or more cavitated or non-cavitated carious lesions before a child's sixth birthday.
However, to successfully develop these prevention actions, it is necessary to know within each population the role played by the microorganisms associated to dental plaque deposited on a carious lesion and how these contribute to revert the process in the presence of plaque sweeping through dental brushing or to accentuate the demineralization.
Similarities in the attrition rates and carious lesion rates were found between the populations on Crete more so than with populations from mainland Greece suggesting that the diets in Crete have been relatively steady over time and have differed from the populations of mainland of Greece in the Middle Bronze Age, Mycenaean, and Sub Mycenaean periods.
In its first stages, a carious lesion does not contain an actual "cavity"; the tooth mineral just becomes more porous and "spongy" as swiss-cheese-like holes begin to form within it.
For the carious lesion of class III, IV and V carious lesion proper cavity was made with retention and resistance features.
1) The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that over half of all children age five to nine have at least one filling or carious lesion.
1,2,3 Secondary caries (recurrent caries) is a primary carious lesion of tooth at the margin of an existing restoration; they usually occur years after composite or other kinds of restorations were performed.
Radiographic evaluation showed a deep carious lesion involving enamel, dentin and approximating the pulp.