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soft decayed area in a tooth

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Early childhood caries (ECC) is the presence of one or more cavitated or non-cavitated carious lesions before a child's sixth birthday.
Examination of the dentition reveals a large carious lesion on the lower right first molar that destroyed nearly half of the tooth crown [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4A OMITTED].
The acid attack that initiates a carious lesion begins the process of decay by dissolving apatite crystals from a tooth surface.
The risk of developing a new carious lesion was 5 times higher in children with caries when compared with children who were caries-free, increasing with the mean deft and DMFT, though not linear.
Irvington, NY 800/729-8849) for the diagnosis of interproximal caries has been evaluated and has shown promise in the detection of interproximal, occlusal, and smooth surface carious lesions.
All clinicians must be able to differentiate between PEIR and carious lesions and discuss options appropriate to the patient on an individual level.
Idiopathic coronal resorption of a tooth prior to eruption into the oral cavity resembles a carious lesion in appearance.
The criteria for a decayed surface were clinically detectable loss of tooth material due to a carious lesion and black translucencies at the dentine-enamel junction.
6) Although the use of radiographs such as bitewings is recommended as part of the routine examination, it is important to remember that approximately 30 percent to 40 percent of mineral loss needs to occur before a carious lesion is actually visible radiographically, and it can take up to nine months or even longer before demineralization appears on radiograph.
The Erbium family of lasers (Er:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG) have been used for over a decade for tooth preparation, carious lesion removal and osseous surgery, as well as for soft tissue procedures.
The set of data representing each artificial carious lesion in each enamel section was fitted to the curve and the area under the lesion tracing was calculated using the trapezoidal rule (in units of vol.
40) Current evidence strongly supports that when an early carious lesion has a sealant properly placed over it, the lesion becomes quiescent and inactive; evidence-based clinical recommendations support the use of sealants in this situation to retard the progression of such lesions.
This survey forms part of a major study assessing the cost-effectiveness of three different dentine carious lesion treatment approaches in children.
When some of us received our dental hygiene education, the notion of reversing an initial carious lesion would have seemed impossible
2009] but also other criteria (such as white opacities, brown discolourations, translucency and caries activity) in order to describe the clinical appearance of the carious lesion as precisely as possible and to avoid the limitations of the WHO criteria.