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a native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro

music composed for dancing the carioca

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a lively ballroom dance that resembles the samba

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106) para conferir visibilidade a reforma educacional carioca e para construir representacoes sobre suas proprias acoes.
Cariocas, as Rio's 6 million residents are known, are taking the near-term inconveniences of all this activity in stride as they see the benefits in the form of new and refurbished hotels, Class-A offices, more sophisticated dining choices and expanded entertainment and shopping options.
As the Cariocas say, Rio is maravilhoso--marvelous--a term that can be extended to its trailblazing literary figures.
Carioca wasn't a mere belly dancer; she was a rebel, a revolutionary and a lover.
The project scope includes detailed engineering, surveys, supply, installation and pre-commissioning of rigid pipelines, jumpers, buoyance modules, strakes and riser monitoring systems for seven-riser wells (3 producers and 4 injector wells) connected to the floating production, storage and offloading Carioca vessel.