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a native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro

music composed for dancing the carioca

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a lively ballroom dance that resembles the samba

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From the application of the theater metaphor to a sensemaking based on narratives, the analysis that follows reveals the different scripts that social actors enacted in the staging of Vila Carioca drama.
Carioca, owned in partnership with BG Group Plc and the Repsol Sinopec Brasil SA venture, is part of a cluster of fields known as the "Big Five" discoveries.
musical genres in Rio, but might have been more profitably, either left as an article, or combined with a discussion (for example) of how a Carioca percussionist adapts the international drum kit to emulate samba percussion.
No Iguatemi de Sao Paulo, por exemplo, o espaco separado para receber a grife carioca em 2006 precisou rapidamente ser alterado para um maior, ja que a loja quebrou um recorde: com um mes de funcionamento, teve a maior venda por metro quadrado de moda jovem feminina da historia do shopping.
Tendo em vista o carater pessoal das correspondencias, aspectos rotineiros da vida cotidiana brasileira, de fins do seculo XIX e no alvorecer do seculo XX (1877 e 1948), permite que se interprete tal material como sui generis para o reconhecimento da historia da vida privada de uma familia brasileira nascida no Rio de Janeiro que circulou da capital carioca para o interior e por outros espacos socio-geograficos dentro e fora do Brasil.
The second group also was divided into 3 sub-groups: subgroup IIa contained the genotypes Goiano Precoce and Jalo Precoce; the subgroup IIb contained the genotypes BRS Horizonte, Carioca Magnifico, Carioca Silmar and Juruti, and the subgroup IIc that contained genotypes IAC Jabola and Unknown.
100 anos de paixao: uma mitologia carioca no futebol.
We are proud of the Carioca way of life, meaning samba, sun and fun," said Felipe Goes, Rio de Janeiro City Secretary for Development.
For most Egyptians, the late Carioca is mostly perceived as the country's greatest dancer.
5) At this crucial period, sport and theatre were among the most important leisure pursuits of the Federal Capital's population; (6) they were spaces in which carioca (7) society manifested conflicts and dramatized social tensions?
This study aimed to deliver not only a new bathymetric chart but also to describe the morphometric characteristics of Carioca Lake (PERD, Minas Gerais State).
reflections on morenidade upon the Carioca (from Rio) perfect body.
A analise de 1965 revelou que a maioria dos paragrafos fazia referencia a categoria identitaria carioca do brejo (20), seguida de industrial (10) e por ultimo pioneira (7).
After a promising start with Volta Rendonda in the Carioca Division One he transferred to Vasco Da Gama in Serie B but never made the grade in a season when the club won promotion to Serie A, he was released on May 21.
The 41-year-old World Cup winner had failed to score in his last five outings, which saw Vasco fail to reach the Campeonato Carioca semi-finals.