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a keel-shaped constellation in the southern hemisphere

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any of various keel-shaped structures or ridges such as that on the breastbone of a bird or that formed by the fused petals of a pea blossom

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'The feasibility study was already approved by the board of NIA and pre-construction activities are now on-going,' Carino said in an interview Thursday.
The HRET ruled in June 2004 during the 12th Congress that Carino, a real estate executive, beat Henry Lanot in the May 2001 congressional polls.
Colonel Carino would come every morning for about two weeks, with a younger soldier who played the guitar.
Carino said the construction industry should revisit the 'bahay kubo' if it wants to go green.
Technologies like these have been perceived to be expensive mainly because of the perception of huge initial investment required and the limited perception in terms of time for recovery,' Carino said.
There will be a few raised eyebrows among the parties involved at Carino's following of Shayk on Instagram as all eyes are on Gaga and Cooper to see whether they make any moves to be together, after being rumoured so often that they will end in each other's arms.
Meanwhile, going by Carino's Instagram, he was in Utah with Johnny Depp over the weekend.
A source close to Gaga told ( Us Weekly that the singer was "devastated" after breaking up with Carino. The insider said that Carino was "jealous," and he was apparently texting her all the time to find out where she was.
Friends have blamed her hectic work schedule for her split with Carino - not an alleged romance with co-star Bradley Cooper.
Pop superstar and Oscar nominee Lady Gaga has split with her fiance, her second broken relationship in three years.A representative for the 32-year-old Gaga on Tuesday confirmed celebrity media reports that the "Shallow" singer and Christian Carino, who is also her talent agent, had ended their engagement, but gave no details.
Rio de Janeiro: The Abu Dhabi Legends Series will return in Rio de Janeiro at the jiu-jitsu Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, with last year's champion Rafael Carino to face off against Alexandre Barauna at the Carioca Arena.
Carino. Hong Kong: Christian Conference of Asia, 2013.
of coach Ronnie Carino edged Al Salam Hospital 124-122 for the 1st Mandoubiyah -- PEAK championship at Khalidia basketball court here.