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Synonyms for carillon

set of bells hung in a bell tower

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playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower

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In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the First Baptist Church of Holden, Carillon Bell Choir, 1216 Main St., Holden, MA 01520.
--The UP Carillon bells consist of 36 new Holland -- made bells housed in the Carillon Tower.
Other events include a tea dance at Loughborough Town Hall, the lighting of a beacon in Queen's Park at 7pm as part of a nationwide scheme and the ringing of the Carillon bells.
Riverwalk users still will be able to walk or jog past the base of the tower near Rotary Hill, but the autoplay function that sets the carillon bells chiming throughout the day will be interrupted.
I just feel undervalued now and we are all mystified by the decision." While the larger bells will now be silent on Sundays until after the New Year, the smaller carillon bells - controlled by a keyboard rather than ropes - will still be in use.
A tender for the carillon bells was let in 1927, but before it was sent to New Zealand it was loaned to the Newcastle-upon-Tyne exhibition.
The splendidly-named Charlemagne Palestine, an American minimalist composer (the adjective referring to his work rather than his personality), came to Tyneside with a suitcase of soft toys - just some of the hundreds he has at home in New York - to play the carillon bells at Newcastle Civic Centre and the organ at St Thomas' Church in the city.
In May 1942, carillon bells were exempted from confiscation; see ibid., p.
"Now that it's tuned the pitch will remain consistent and will resonate better so the bell can be heard at a much greater distance." In addition to the original bell, which was first cast in 1875 by Meneely & Kimberly in Troy, NY, four new carillon bells (a set of fixed bells struck by hammers and operated from a keyboard) that were cast by Whitechapel were also installed.
At noon Friday, the university will observe a moment of silence followed by the ringing of the carillon bells.
Hear native birds chirp and carillon bells ring at the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed gardens.
In this environment of warm wood panelling and spot lighting sits the carillon console where Deschenaux plays concerts and a splendidly maintained 19th century machine that is regulated to ring some of the carillon bells every 15 minutes of every day, and to play a ditty on the hour.
It worked so well that Quenzer's department bought a second QB-4 unit for the city's bell tower, housing splendid Carillon bells.
Joseph in Mandaue City, carillon bells pealed and devotees sang songs devoted to Sto.
Twenty-three new carillon bells will greet Pope Francis when he visits the Manila Cathedral.