dental caries

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soft decayed area in a tooth

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While initial caries lesions in the approximal region can often be seen more easC.
Due to the high prevalence of ECC in the world population and the difficulty of behavior of many patients facing the immediate restorative treatment, there is a need to find a treatment option that is effective in controlling the progression of caries lesions in deciduous teeth.
Specifically, the study met its primary performance endpoint relating to the System's ability to identify early active caries lesions and an excellent safety profile was observed.
5,6) Visual examination has been shown to have a high specificity but low sensitivity and reproducibility (7) They cannot detect caries lesions until a relatively advanced stage, involving one-third or more of the thickness.
Dentine caries lesion development at the margin of ART glass-ionomer restorations was reported to be low.
The microporosities of the enamel caries lesion are filled with either a watery medium (R.
Low-Fluoride Dentifrice and Caries Lesion Control in Children with Different Caries Experience: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Risk of new caries lesion for caries-free teeth A high proportion of children who had caries developed new cavities when compared to those who were caries-free.
Evaluation of NovaMin[R] as an adjunct to fluoride for caries lesion remineralization.
and Candida albicans were reported by one study to occur most frequently in root caries lesion in middle-aged and older adults.
Caries lesion development and biofilm composition responses to varying demineralization times and sucrose exposures.
Exclusion criteria were patients younger than 12 years and older than 35 years, presence of any syndrome, swelling and severe pain on percussion, if all first molars with class II caries lesion.