Carica papaya

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tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit

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Contraceptive efficacy of Carica papaya seed extract in male mice (Mus musculus).
Group C and D were administered 200 mg/kg body weight methanolic extract of Carica papaya and Alstonia broonai respectively.
Este trabajo tuvo como objetivo determinar los requerimientos nutricionales y hormonales de Carica papaya var.
Carica papaya has antibacterial effects that could be useful in treating chronic skin ulcers to promote healing (Dawkins et al., 2003).
Short term effects of Glomus claroideum and Azospirrillum brasilense on growth and root acid phosphatase activity of Carica papaya L.
"What relationship is there between a French car from the '60s, a Japanese student posing for a fashion photo in 1993, papayas (of the Carica papaya Linne sort), and a dishwasher tray filled with brightly colored plates?" asked Jean-Pierre Criqui in these pages in 2000; "What does a jellyfish have to do with a working class apartment building in Lodz?" wonders John Kelsey in a 2007 essay.
Protective effects of Carica papaya Linn on the exogenous gastric ulcer in rats.
Keywords: Alginate, Azotobacter vinelandii, Carica papaya waste, Physico-chemical optimization, Fermentation.
This study found an extract of Carica papaya seeds had nephroprotective (kidney protecting) effects against oxidative stress, though being an animal study there isn't as much evidence here as for the other papaya seeds health benefits.