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(2012) performed artificial pollination in Ficus carica L.
Due the increasing demand of alginate in the country, the research was planned to explore the potential of Carica papaya waste for the production of alginic acid using Azotobacter vinelandii.
Now Carica even has To Die For, a Pinoy Deli that serves the tastiest of foods.
The A1/2 MS medium with full strength Na-Fe-EDTA supplemented with NAA (2.0 mg L-1), BAP (1.0 mg L-1) produced the highest percentage of callus in three Carica species: C.
Una drammaticita che trova nel sangue--elemento di unione e fratellanza di un popolo legato a miti arcaici, religiosi e antropologici, ma anche di una realta carica di contrasti e violenza--il suo simbolo piu rappresentativo ed emblematico.
The fruit part of Ficus carica has a rich flavour with high sugar content and low acid complement.
Carica papaya Linn belonging to family Caricaceae is commonly known as papaya in English, "papayyaa" in local language.
There have been approximately 30 different plant species found to have the potential to combat dengue, such as Andrographis paniculata [Hempedu Bumi (Malaysia)], Alternanthera philoxeroides (alligator weed), Carica papaya (papaya), Cladosiphon okamuranus (brown seaweed), and Momordica charantia [bitter melon, Peria (Malaysia)] [7].
papaya, locally known as papaya pear or pawpaw, originates from the Caricaceae family that stems into six other genera including those of Carica, Jarilla, Horovitzia, Jacaraita, Vasconcellea, and Cylicomorphia [1, 2].
Current randomized controlled experimental study was carried out to investigate the beneficial effects of leaf extract of Ficus carica L.
KARACHI -- The launching ceremony of 600 Tons Maritime Patrol Vessel being built for Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), was held at Carica Shipyard and Engineering Works (KS and EW) here on Tuesday.