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a member of an American Indian peoples of northeastern South America and the Lesser Antilles

the family of languages spoken by the Carib

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The Garifuna language derives from the Island Carib language.
Fab is one of the hamlets which the early Carib settlers fled to in order to escape from the European settlers.
The Caribs (known locally as the subgroup Nepuyo) were found in the northeastern mountainous regions of Trinidad (as well as Tobago), while the Arawaks (the earliest inhabitants) were found in the northwestern areas and Warao in the central and southern areas of the island (Forte 2005:52-53).
His obsession with the Carib language is indeed coterminous with his desire to possess the soul of the native.
The ethnic complexion of the population of some 75,000, of which about four-fifths live in the capital Roseau, is described as being principally of African heritage with some 3,000 Caribs.
75): Award-winning Handsworth Songs was shot in Birmingham in the riots of 1985; Forward Ever Backward Never is a film with director Pogus Caesar and Birmingham-based actors of African and Caribbean descent, commissioned to produce a film inspired by Steve McQueen's Caribs.
In 1903 the Caribs were granted approximately 3,700 acres to establish a reservation with their own chief.
Caribs are just extending that bill specialization to gender, he observes.
Despite such measures, marronage occurred everywhere; but in the Lesser Antilles, only the Black Caribs of Saint Vincent succeeded in making good their freedom.
The idea of a creative bridge or arch of community is particularly appropriate to the story of "Couvade," in which Harris re-creates a ritual dream of the Caribs to suggest an archetypal image of spiritual progress and renewal.
Exploration and mining could lead to the `cow of silt and acid drainage into three of Dominica's largest rivers, two of which -- the Pagua and the Castle Bruce -- border the Carib lands and are used by the 3,400 Caribs for drinking, washing, fishing and agriculture.
Exploration and mining could degrade three of the country's major rivers with siltation and acid drainage, two of which border the Carib lands and are used by the 3,400 Caribs for drinking, washing, fishing and agriculture.
As Carib is the last in the lines of Caribs the exhorters, the hope is that the children will carry on the business of remembering.
With this loss of Amerindian civilization, did the Caribs develop a centring strategy to reorder their world?
Chief among these he named a certain du Montel (reputed to have lived among the Caribs of Dominica), a Mr.