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a member of an American Indian peoples of northeastern South America and the Lesser Antilles

the family of languages spoken by the Carib

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The missionaries' negative estimation of African slaves in the 1640s and 1650s is clearer when compared with their descriptions of the native Caribs, whom they also sought to convert.
This installation, shot on the Caribbean island of Grenada where McQueen's parents were born, shows the history of the Caribs who in 1651, rather than surrender to French soldiers, threw themselves over the cliffs in a collective act of sacrifice.
The English then transported the surviving Black Caribs to the Bay Islands off the Honduran coast, defeated the local Spanish garrison there and on April 12, 1797, deposited their human cargo ashore with scant provisions.
For example, Michael Craton finds the Black Caribs (so called because of their mixed-race origins from Africans brought to the islands) on St.
Fortunately, a little-known plant is also widely cultivated on Saint Vincent: arrowroot, so named because the Caribs used it as an antidote for arrow wounds.
This electrifying discovery stereotyped the Caribs as savages from that moment on, but did so unfairly.
Few Caribs allowed themselves to be caught between the ship above and the shark below.
With the troublemakers safe in their grasp, the victorious British immediately banished the few remaining Native American Caribs to remote reservations on St.
The survivors, mostly slaves, were welcomed by the native Caribs. Word of this "haven" soon reached Barbados and St.
A 1776 publication confirmed that "The French particularly are so positive in relating these matters that they have assured us, with an air of Triumph, that the Caribs had declared the Flesh of one of their Countrymen eat much better than that of a Spaniard, and with a more delicate flavor" (Senhouse 185).
Guadeloupe and Martinique became departements d'outre-mer in 1946, not 1948, and the Heron's Canoe refers to Ursa Major, not Ursa Minor, according to Douglas Taylor ("Notes on the Star Lore of the Caribbees"), who based his conclusions on fieldwork with Carib-speakers in the Dominica Carib Territory as well as on Breton and de la Borde.
This book presents a poem that gives a fictional account of the events of the Second Carib War fought in the late 18th century between Great Britain and the Garifuna, who were then known as the Black Caribs of St.
In the Caribs Aframax rates increased dramatically during the last week largely due to weather delays and USG lightering operations which reduced the pool of available vessels.
The original inhabitants were the Arawak people, who were driven out by the Caribs in 1000 AD.