Lesser Antilles

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a group of islands in the southeastern West Indies

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But while those earlier productions had a fiery conviction that matched O'Neill's, making their radical revamping feel like legitimate reinvention, Maxwell took a more detached approach to Bound East fir Cardiff The Moon of the Caribbees and The Long Voyage Home.
(12) Eugene O'Neill, The Moon of the Caribbees: The Plays of Eugene O'Neill, 2 vols.
In 1793, Bryan Edwards, a supporter of the slave trade, ascribed "unnatural cruelty" to the ancient Caribbees, mulattoes and Negroes:
(7.) Vere Langford Oliver, The History of the Island of Antigua, One of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, vol.
(9.) O'Neill's portraits of blacks also appear in Thirst (1914), a collection of five one-act plays, The Moon of the Caribbees (1918), The Dreamy Kid (1919), and All God's Chillun Got Wings (1924).
The July Stakes winner is named after the Caribbean island of Nevis, a lush tropical paradise renowned as the `Queen of the Caribbees' in colonial times and still a popular destination for holidaymakers of an upmarket bent.
Apropos, Peter Hulme argues that "the discourse of English colonialism arises fundamentally on the career of two key terms-- 'hurricanes' and 'Caribbees'--that mark relatively new lexemes in the English language.
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