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In the Caribbean nation of Haiti, flooding caused by Jeanne's heavy rains killed more than 1,600 people.
Haitian rebels aiming to depose the president are preparing to march south to the capital, and the United States has sent 50 troops to protect its embassy in the embattled Caribbean nation.
The impoverished and politically unstable Caribbean nation of Haiti has seen even more rebellion over the weekend.
His comments came as Kim Collins took the men's 100m title representing the tiny Caribbean nation of St Kitts and Nevis.
As a small Caribbean nation not far from the coast of the United States, the Dominican Republic (which shares its landmass with Haiti) has historically been a popular get-away.
Two years ago, the abject poverty and human rights atrocities of a small, struggling Caribbean nation barely merited a place under the "miscellaneous" heading of our nation's foreign policy agenda.
com, with its head office located in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, is licensed in the United Kingdom and Kahnawake, Canada.
The general manager of China Eastern Airlines, Liu Shaoyong, stated Bahaman Prime Minister Perry Christie that his company will run test charter flights to that Caribbean nation to boost tourism.
Lamothe's resignation also came after international warnings from the United States and the United Nations that the impoverished Caribbean nation was on the brink of political chaos again.
Oh Young-ho, CEO of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), received an award in Cuba for his role in promoting economic and cultural exchanges between Korea and the Caribbean nation, KOTRA said Monday.
The Caribbean nation - the world's first independent black republic - had made a new beginning in recent years after decades of corrupt, violent rulers.
N peacekeeping forces in the Caribbean nation died on Friday along with six Uruguayan peacekeepers when their plane crashed into a mountain while on a surveillance operation near the border with neighboring Dominican Republic.
THE Caribbean nation of Turks and Caicos were hammered yesterday by Hurricane Ike.
In the complaint filed last week, the 36-year-old policewoman accused Ralph Gonsalves of assaulting her on January 3 at his estate in the eastern Caribbean nation and former British colony.
Flooding in which impoverished Caribbean nation killed more than 1,500 people last month?
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