Caribbean Sea

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an arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America


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'On the forecast track, the center of Dorian will move across the eastern and northeastern Caribbean Sea during the next few days, passing near or south of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, move near or over eastern Hispaniola Wednesday night, and move north of Hispaniola on Thursday.
All four TCs passed over both the Amazon-Orinoco River plume and deep, warm features (eddies/warm pool) that reside within the Caribbean Sea. Three of the four TCs underwent RI while over the river plume, even under moderate deep-layer vertical wind shear.
Mr De Marichalar reached the Dutch Island of Saint Maarten two days ago and gave a lecture, "Our Solo Caribbean Sea: Florida and Pacific Ocean Discovery Expedition".
Alvaro, who arrived two days ago in the Dutch Island of Saint Maarten and gave a lecture entitled " Our Solo Caribbean Sea : Florida and Pacific Ocean Discovery Expedition" said that the flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain was present with all honor on his tinny vessel next to the flags of Saint Martin; the Kingdom of Spain and European Union, said Mr.
The editor has organized the reports that make up the main body of the text in eleven parts devoted to North America; Middle America and the Caribbean Sea; South America; Africa; the Central Pacific, East Asia and Southeast Asia; the Indian Ocean; the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf; the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea; Northern and Western Europe; the Baltic Sea; and the Caspian Sea.
The Caribbean Sea is a defining element of the Caribbean region.
The Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Tasman Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the Yellow Sea, the North Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Biscay, Lake Superior, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Gulf of Bothnia: Seascapes (Damiani) collects a Rothko-like series of images of these and other bodies of water, all captured by Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto.
Abstract--The dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) is of major recreational and commercial importance, and landings have increased in recent years around Puerto Rico, throughout the Caribbean Sea, and along the U.S.
Color experts selected Caribbean Sea (56BG 23/355) as the Glidden paint Color of the Year for 2015 due to its soothing, optimistic and vibrant tones.
Lounging on the long white sandy beaches and swimming in the warm Caribbean Sea would be the perfect way to start the day.
Located on the Caribbean Sea, the Port of Santa Marta is a multi-functional terminal which mainly handles coal, fuel oil and palm oil, as well as container cargo, grain and general cargo.
A CREW of British civilian sailors has helped seize a cocaine haul worth PS8.5m in the Caribbean Sea.
M.T Al Salam-II sailed on Friday evening, M.V Caribbean Sea sailed on Saturday morning.
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