Caribbean Sea

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an arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America


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The first case was presented by Costa Rica on February 25, 2014, after Nicaragua offered marine blocks for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, both in the Pacific Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea, as it has been claimed before.
De Marichalar is traveling from Puerto Rico to Puerto Rico, touring all the Caribbean Sea and touching 28 Nations in order to Commemorate the5th Centennial of Barthelemy Columbus's death, among other conmemorations.
But, it requires more than state actions, and includes all actions and interactions for protecting the Caribbean Sea and sustainably harnessing its resources.
East Coast to northern Caribbean Sea) and southern (southern Caribbean Sea to Brazil) stocks.
Yeomans recommended incorporating Caribbean Sea into the home on an accent wall or on backs of bookcases.
Washington, Ramadan 26, 1435, Jul 23, 2014, SPA -- A tropical depression in the Atlantic Ocean has weakened to a tropical wave as it approaches the eastern Caribbean Sea, the U.
This image shows ocean currents in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the eastern Atlantic.
Summary: Drydocks World, the shipbuilding arm of Dubai World, has discussed the location and size of its revolutionary Water Discus Hotel project with a high-level delegation from the Martinique Islands in the Caribbean Sea.
THIS grey reef shark gets a taste for toxic lionfish as it sinks its teeth at teatime in the Caribbean Sea.
The warmer SST forecast for the Caribbean Sea may cause an above-average number of storms to develop in this region.
6 tonnes of cocaine from a tanker in the Caribbean Sea this week, the country's Ministry of Defence has claimed.
High-powered radar, a Lynx attack helicopter and intelligence collected by a network of undercover agents and spy planes are used to help catch those using the Caribbean Sea to smuggle heroin, cocaine and marijuana into America and Europe.
A LIFEBOAT crewman used his mobile phone to co-ordinate a dramatic Caribbean sea rescue - from a DIY store in Britain.
Washington, July 29 (ANI): Fossil records of organisms in the Caribbean Sea show that if a species could shift from clonal to sexual reproduction, it can survive extinction, which suggests that environmental change eventually drives evolutionary change.
North America includes the world's largest island, Greenland; many small island countries in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; and the seven countries of Central America.
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