Caribbean Sea

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an arm of the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America


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East Coast to northern Caribbean Sea) and southern (southern Caribbean Sea to Brazil) stocks.
Maersk Drilling has studied and analysed the fuel consumption of the two drillships Maersk Viking and Maersk Valiant on their voyages from South Korea to the Caribbean Sea, headed for operations in the US Gulf of Mexico.
About Ladera Ladera, located 1,100 feet above the Caribbean Sea directly between the Piton Mountains, was once one of Soufriere's oldest and most famous cocoa plantations and transformed in 1982 into the unique resort it is today.
The ideal location for placing the project in the Martinique Islands was also discussed during a meeting with Martinique Islands delegation led by Karine Roy Camille, chairman of Maison de Martinique, Tourism and Economic of the Martinique Islands, of the Caribbean Sea.
LET US PREY Grey reef shark lurks behind lionfish in Caribbean Sea TASTY JNow shark goes hunting for desert SPEAR WE GO Fisherman spears fish to attract sharks to the pest VENOM Lionfish have venomous tentacles.
These clouds may be seen on visible satellite images during hurricane season and the dust fallout is experienced as far west as the Caribbean Sea.
Considering that in 2003 there were ~50 large cruise ships that carry 1,200 or more passengers operating in the Caribbean Sea (with destinations in the Bahamas, East Caribbean, South Caribbean, West Caribbean, and East coast of Mexico only) during the fall migration (Aug-Oct), this source of avian mortality may not be trivial (Table 1).
6 tonnes of cocaine from a tanker in the Caribbean Sea this week, the country's Ministry of Defence has claimed.
High-powered radar, a Lynx attack helicopter and intelligence collected by a network of undercover agents and spy planes are used to help catch those using the Caribbean Sea to smuggle heroin, cocaine and marijuana into America and Europe.
A LIFEBOAT crewman used his mobile phone to co-ordinate a dramatic Caribbean sea rescue - from a DIY store in Britain.
Washington, July 29 (ANI): Fossil records of organisms in the Caribbean Sea show that if a species could shift from clonal to sexual reproduction, it can survive extinction, which suggests that environmental change eventually drives evolutionary change.
North America includes the world's largest island, Greenland; many small island countries in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; and the seven countries of Central America.
Conservationists say intense hotel development has made the beaches an increasingly inhospitable place for endangered Caribbean sea turtles to lay their eggs.
The flights began from Edwards, went along the southern United States along the Gulf of Mexico and then into the Caribbean Sea.
But once you tip your toes into the warm crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea, you'll realize why you risked DVT
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