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an island in the Caribbean Sea

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As one would expect on a Caribbean island, local cuisine makes full use of every exotic fruit and spice as well as fresh seafood.
Maarten constitutes the Dutch half of the Caribbean island of St.
Nevis Battered by hurricanes that have twice caused substantial damage, the owners of the Four Seasons resort on the Caribbean island of Nevis are facing creditors who are trying to force the hotel into bankruptcy.
The couple met the local man on a beach the week before the murder and arranged for him to give them a tour of the 108 square-mile Caribbean island, the source added.
[U.S.A.], September 12 ( ANI ): At least ten people have lost their lives in Cuba after Hurricane Irma passed over the northern portion of the Caribbean island over the weekend.
After Hurricane Irma slammed into the small Caribbean island of Barbuda, the apparent silence from residents on the island spurred fears of the worst on social media.
Summary: Two British women have reportedly been raped while camping on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.
Catherine Mullany, formerly Bowen, was shot in the head in a suspected robbery at the luxury Cocos Hotel in the south-west of the Caribbean island.
It was forecast to pass just north of the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba.
This fantastical tale is inspired by a crime committed in 1995 on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, where an infant child was found lying atop a heap of rubbish with her throat cut.
Taking place on the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman, the event, which runs from November 12 to 22, includes a mock "pirate invasion" with old time sailing vessels full of pirates in the island's George Town harbour.
Channer combines the emotionally titillating eroticism of his first book, Waiting in Vain, with the psychic depth of his second, Satisfy My SouL In a cycle of seven interrelated short stories, he outlines the interconnected lives of characters who pass through the fictitious Caribbean island of San Carlos.
1 hotspot for clothing-optional and nude recreation; the Caribbean island has 14 such hotel and resort options, more than anywhere else in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Some corn varieties that arose on the Caribbean island of Antigua defend themselves with chemical attacks that leave insect gut linings in tatters.
Summary: New York (USA) July 14 (ANI): A 57-year-old tourist from New Zealand has been killed by the blast of a plane at an airport in the Dutch Caribbean island of St.
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