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a waiter at a drive-in restaurant

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This new “family” breathed life into The Drive In, restoring the 1950s-era theme with carhops wearing poodle skirts, 50s music and more.
A dilapidated cardboard box had captured the attention of the restaurant's carhops.
76) The problem for Hughes was that the category "drive-in" was already an old-fashioned designation, describing the classic 1950s version with carhops, in-car eating, and almost no inside seating.
Here's a help-wanted sign you don't see every day: Sonic Drive-in on Broadway in Little Rock is seeking four skating carhops.
Americans of all ages feel nostalgic about the old drive-ins with rollerskating carhops and enormous hotdog-shaped buildings.
Their innovations included a fixed and limited menu, no carhops or tips, low process, and fast service.
One of the busiest places in town is the A&W drive-in on Spring Street, where, in a scene straight out of American Graffiti, carhops pick up your burger tray when you flash your headlights.
In 1940 they had opened a small drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, and after World War II they decided that carhops were too slow: "Life in America was surging ahead and one of the main casualties was old-fashioned personal service.
These improvements underscore the positive impact of our strategic initiatives, including a greater emphasis on personalized service with skating Carhops and the introduction of premium quality ingredients and products, like real ice cream, Footlong Quarter Pound Coneys and a line-up of bigger burgers - all of which continue to drive higher customer satisfaction scores.
By 1954, the carhops were eliminated to make McDonald's a self-serve operation, with no tables to sit at, no jukebox, and no telephone.
Frisco's team of rollerskating carhops do more than just cart food to your table -- they sing and dance, too.
The way Pimble has done it, ``Leap Frog'' will be a swing number for the entire company, ``The Elks' Parade'' a military piece for the men, ``My Funny Valentine'' a ballroom duet for Hyuk-ku Kwon and Jennifer Martin, ``No Name Jive'' a shag set in a dance hall, ``Floatin' '' a parody of roller skating carhops, ``Sophisticated Swing'' a sendup of fashion models, and so on.
And quicker than one of his carhops can deliver a chicken dinner, he sums his feelings on the matter:
Sonic Drive-In is a unique brand distinguished by the fun of specialty drinks, frozen treats, coneys and burgers served by carhops that are sometimes wearing roller skates.
At James Family Restaurant in San Fernando, owner Angelo Hroundas and family just hung up a 50th-year anniversary plaque outside a former truck stop once bustling with carhops.