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a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded


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Our external cargo carrier that rides in the shuttle's cargo bay is ideal for ferrying this needed space station equipment, and we have the capability to accomplish the cargo changeout, support the current launch schedule, and provide a high-value commercial solution to NASA.
16 launch in the shuttle's cargo bay, the orbiting laboratory will carry a seven-member crew that includes three physicians and a physiologist.
The ICU(TM) system uses several different protocols that work both on the ground and in the air to bring an accurate and safe record to ground based observers of all areas of flight, loading and cargo bays on commercial and military aircraft.
The AirLaunch LLC design achieves responsiveness by carrying the booster to altitude inside the cargo bay of an unmodified C-17A or other large cargo aircraft.
Subject of procurement is the purchase and delivery of light off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles off-road and off-road light trucks with extended cargo bay of the national park directorates and the regional inspectorates of environment and water to maintenance and restoration activities habitats for plant and animal species subject to protection in reserves, managed reserves and national parks exclusive state property.
The six-person CRV would be small enough to fit inside the space shuttle's cargo bay - which is one way it might be brought up to the space station.
Corporal Bevan Walcott, who was in the plane's cargo bay, said: "I remember feeling a rumble on the ramp of the aircraft - as though it had hit something.
Also in May, the shuttle Columbia will orbit Earth for eight days with Spacelab -- a European-built, multipurpose science workshop -- in its cargo bay.
29, the C-17A flew to an altitude of 6,000 feet with the QuickReach booster inside the cargo bay resting on a pallet of upturned rubber wheels.
Engineers added extra oxygen to the cabin to compensate for leaking when the seal was replaced, and later this extra oxygen was vented into the cargo bay.
The shuttle Columbia lifted off with Astro in its cargo bay early on the morning of Dec.
This cargo carrier marks a first in the use of large-scale commercial hardware by NASA as it is deployed from the shuttle's cargo bay to its permanent residence on the International Space Station (ISS).
The IMAX3D Cargo Bay Camera was uniquely designed to mount in a pressurized container in the Cargo Bay of the Space Shuttle.
The cargo bay seems cavernous for a vehicle of this size, with nearly 30 cubic feet of storage, plus an additional waterproof bin beneath the floor.
Columbia had been scheduled for a May launch to carry Astro-1, a four-telescope observatory that will study the sky from the shuttle's cargo bay rather than from a "free-flying" satellite like the Hubble Space Telescope.