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a platform where trucks or trains can be loaded or unloaded


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Access to the cargo bay is by means of a rear tailgate that can be locked horizontally or dropped down almost completely if you unhook the folding support arms on each side.
Dr Foale - originally from Lincolnshire - and Dr Bernard Harris, the first black astronaut, stepped out into the open cargo bay of Nasa's space shuttle Discovery at 1210 GMT.
The distinctive looking lowered cockpit, the cargo bay structure and the rear-end and tail will be amongst the items which will be newly developed.
The second row in the seven-seater also offers 'remote folding' via levers in the side of the cargo bay.
5 diesel and the one we sampled was very practical with underseat trays, a slot big enough to take a laptop in the centre console, 12-volt sockets in the cabin and in the cargo bay, a quickclear heated windscreen and a rear view camera.
The model features an interior with a dashboard mounted gear shift and basic switches, a headlamp cluster that has separate sections for the indicators and the headlamps, rear-mounted exhaust and a spare tyre located on the right of the underside of the cargo bay.
5 tonne payload carrying capability, with an option of a 17 foot or a 19 foot load bay with a half side or high side cargo bay.
The problems were found in the control system of the fire extinguishers near the front cargo bay, which were not related to the battery problem reported earlier that triggered the worldwide Dreamliner grounding of planes.
Search teams have found parts of the plane, including a wheel, cargo bay door and tail cone, at sea about 10 kilometers (six miles) from the Palawan airport, Okol said.
One of the primary differences between the Soyuz Orbital Module and the Progress is the refueling or cargo bay used in place of the descent module, which is typically used to transport crewmembers aboard the piloted Soyuz.
As a workhorse it comes in several guises, from a basic single cab with open rear cargo bay, to twin cab with a detachable fiberglass hood to cover the cargo area, as in the case of the aptly-named Barbarian.
Atlantis' crew faces the uninspiring but essential task of unpacking 9,403 pounds (4,265 kg) of spare equipment, supplies and food from an Italian-made cargo carrier hauled to the station in the shuttle's cargo bay.
A contortionist curled up inside a large suitcase in the cargo bay of an airport bus and ventured out to steal from other people's luggage, Spanish police have said.
The pilot of Flight LH8460 reported a fire in the cargo bay of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 as he approached King Khaled International Airport, Lufthansa said.
Others will haul rockets in the cargo bay of a C-17 Globemaster III or are experts at loading missiles onto fighter aircraft.