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large genus of plants found in damp woodlands and bogs and ditches or at water margins: sedges

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Sarantis will also distribute core brands such as Carex, Original Source and Morning Fresh in central and eastern Europe.
In our collection of three you will receive one each of Carex 'Everillo' (lime green to golden), Carex 'Evergold' (yellow and golden) and Carex 'Everest' (white and green).
It added that its soap brand, Carex, now has 36% of the market, with Original Source and Imperial Leather taking 20% of the shower market.
I chose ivory sedge (Carex eburnea), a very delicate-looking, clump-forming sedge that stands about 10 inches tall.
PB Creative developed an iconic droplet device to reflect Carex as the leading antibacterial handwash brand and to create synergy across the Core, Fun Editions and newly developed Advanced ranges.The design firm was tasked with defining a core brand message and bringing balance and unity to the packaging portfolio.
Zenith Carex has its headquarters in the US and Nigeria.
The arching bronze-red leaves of weeping brown sedge Carex Flagellifera are best seen in tall pots.
One response to the widespread problem of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or the "winter blues," is Carex Health Brands' Day-Light Classic Plus.
It could be seen that the distribution of all kinds of plants was different; the most extensive degrees of various classes were Carex spp., Eleocharis tuberosa (Roxb.) Roem.
A swath of rusty-hued New Zealand sedge (Carex testacea) brings alive a formerly bland spot among European weeping birches (Betulapendula) in Saratoga, California.
Le centre des arts et des expositions (Carex) de Tlemcen expose, jusqu'au 15 juin, au palais de la culture Abdelkrim-Dali, [beaucoup moins que] Les enfants et la guerre [beaucoup plus grand que].
Since 2007, the Canadian Carcinogen Exposure project (CAREX Canada) has been working to characterize Canadians' exposures to known and suspected carcinogens in workplace and community environments.
27 March 2014 - US home healthcare products manufacturer Roscoe Medical Inc and domestic peer Carex Health Brands Inc announced today that they had combined their operations, without disclosing the terms of the deal.