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large genus of plants found in damp woodlands and bogs and ditches or at water margins: sedges

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Potentilla anserine (34%) and Carex qinghaiensis (66%) were detected in the yak diet composition in autumn pasture (Figure 2).
From the revised list of collected plants, 18% of plants are not included, mostly the sedges or grasses from the genera Agrostis, Phleum, Festuca, Poa, Carex as well as--bryophytes, ferns and clubmosses.
Also on the consumer side of the website is the newly revamped Carex Care Connection, an online community created for the Carex consumer as an informational resource and an outlet to share.
Carex have just launched their Hands Up For Hygiene campaign, which teaches children the importance of hand washing.
The top five brands in health, beauty & baby category this week are: Carex, Huggies, Imperial Leather, J&J and Palmolive.
Contract awarded for Paqueret, Convolvulus, Laurel, Carex S / Pn # 663
Adding cool contrast in the background is a mixed meadow of Carex divulsa (flowers need to be sheared as they brown to prevent reseeding), Festuca mairei, and fountain rush (Elegia capensis), with nandina against the wall.
Some have beautiful seed heads, but if you are looking for evergreen, I would choose Carex, which is a sedge.
There are evergreen grasses that can look great, too, such as golden Carex and Festuca.
A critical component of CAREX Canada has been the creation of the "Canadian Workplace Exposure Database" (CWED).
Ian Morgan, by email CAROL: Try easy evergreen grasses and sedges like Carex testacea with ivies in hanging baskets.
THE maker of Imperial Leather, Carex and Original Source yesterday reported growing profits despite facing high levels of promotional activity in the bathing sector.
Small-leaved ivies were traditionally used to soften the harsh outlines of containers although nowadays garden centres also offer arching sprays of decorative grasses such as Carex comens or Carex buchanii to do a similar job.
PZ Cussons, which also makes Original Source and Carex, suffered a 10 per cent shares slump after admitting weak sales in its biggest market, Nigeria, would leave its performance in the year to the end of May "some way below expectations".