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a leave of absence from work because of illness

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Carer's Leave to be made into law so carers can ask employers for discretionary time off work To add your name to the Carer's Poverty
Most agreements provide for unpaid carer's leave and provide for some form of leave conversion and Priceline allows for three days' paid carer's leave.
For the first time a carer's leave of five days per year will be introduced, in case of sickness of a direct relative.
In 1995, the second part of the decision combined sick leave and bereavement leave into a single personal and carer's leave provision and set an annual limit of five days paid carer's leave that could be accumulated from one year to the next (Queensland University of Technology 1999).
Today the Mirror, along with the charity Carers UK, is calling for Carer's Leave to be made law.
An employee may take paid personal/ carer's leave if they are unfit for work because of their own personal illness/injury or to provide care or support to a member of their immediate family or household, because of a personal illness, injury or unexpected emergency affecting the member.
In late June, the Public Health System Award was varied to include a clause added to the Nurses' Award 2010 that nurses and midwives can use their family and carer's leave and sick leave entitlements for matters relating to family violence, and if they have exhausted these entitlements they will be able to access an additional five paid days per year.
If your mother-in-law is a member of your household you can access personal carer's leave for this purpose under this clause.