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a person who is responsible for attending to the needs of a child or dependent adult

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The voices of Queenslands foster and kinship carers have been heard with the State Government using valuable feedback from the Partners in Care workshops, a foster and kinship care engagement program implemented across the state.
The study revealed that more than 7 in 10 (74%) feel carers are not sufficiently valued by society for the support they provide.
It said more than a third (35%) had not informed someone in school that they were a carer and a quarter reported bullying and abuse in school because of their responsibilities at home.
5 million carers in the UK who are looking after loved ones who are infirm or disabled over a very wide range of ages.
The group is run by two full-time and two part-time volunteers, who are also all carers themselves.
Case study: The Princess Royal Trust for Carers For nearly 20 years The Princess Royal Trust for Carers has been fighting to provide carers with the support they so desperately need.
Thus, in general, policy and programs should recognize that both the carer and disabled person have different needs for independence, work, income, recreation, pensions, pay for care, etc.
the company employs approximately 270 full time staff members while its company-trained flexible staffing team comprises more than 25,000 high-quality nurses and carers.
The package of support I am announcing today, including the Young Carer Grant, will give valuable extra help to this group of people.
Almost one in four took over five years to identify as a carer, and nearly one in ten took over 10 years.
A carer is anyone who provides unpaid support to a family member or friend who is ill, disabled, or has mental health or substance misuse problems, and could not manage without their help or support.
Being a carer can be stressful and demanding, but a new campaign launched this week aims to give mental health carers in Wales the chance to be cared for and waited on for a change.
The charity aims to raise the profile of carers, given there are seven million carers in the UK and three in five people will become a carer in their lives.
Carers often do not realise practical support is available, like replacement care to give the carer time off, help with lifting and bathing, equipment and home adaptations that can be vital in protecting carers' health.
The vast majority of carers are of working age, and around 3m carers regularly combine work and care - this means that one in seven people in the workforce is a carer.