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Synonyms for soldier

Synonyms for soldier

one who engages in a combat or struggle

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"He was a career soldier, serving in Burma and the Boer War and, at the outbreak of the First World War, he was too old to go to the front but he still enlisted and ended up serving with the Fifth Battalion as a training officer.
That's billions and you will not have a problem anymore of at least, the financial side of your being a career soldier,' he added.
Yaalon is a former career soldier who served as chief of military intelligence during the Second Intifada, and as chief of staff of the Israeli military.
Most studies of recent US air campaigns have focused on the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, but US career soldier Gregory looks at campaigns against Slobodan Milosevic in Kosovo during 1999 and against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya during 2011, both of which involved NATO and had comparable political motives for Western military intervention along with similar constraints on the commitment of ground forces.
Career soldier George had enlisted in the East Lancashire Regiment shortly after the outbreak of the war in 1939 and was a Dunkirk veteran.
His decision came as a surprise as he had previously said he'd always dreamt of being a career soldier.
The 71-year-old career soldier said international groups who observed the polls "acknowledged their fairness and transparency but, despite that, some colonialist parties were not satisfied".
The 70-year-old career soldier took power in an Islamist-backed coup, and there had been doubts about whether he would run again in the controversial election, slated for April.
Thinni, a former career soldier, has been prime minister since March but had resigned after a June election.
Thinni, a former career soldier, has been PM since March but had resigned after a June election.
Embarrassingly low voter turnout has cast a shadow over al-Sisi's victory, which he had framed as a request for a "mandate" from an Egyptian public that government and private media alike portrayed as in rapturous thrall of the career soldier.
Lt Col Jim Pennyman was a career soldier. Before the war began he joined the Kings Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB) as a lieutenant and became battalion machine gun officer.
A young Army veteran at age 44, Kryn Miner was a loving father and husband, a dedicated career soldier, the guy who would walk into a room and make immediate friends, his wife said.
For a career soldier, January 15, 1998 would have been just another day, busily preparing meals for the soldiers out chopping down branches overwhelmed by a thick coating of milky white ice--but then he reached down for a box of veggies.
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