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a secondary school teaching the skilled trades

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Students currently studying at the Career College, which was described when it was launched in 2016 as an initiative which would prepare students for the world of work and tackle the region's skills shortage, will be able to finish their course, but no new pupils will be enrolled.
Peter Nangle, Vice Principal, Curriculum said, "Career College students that have been enrolled by the college and studied here on year one will continue to do so on year two, as usual, next year.
Becoming a Career College underpins that principle.
Concorde Career College ADN Education Program in Dallas, and
Five students, who are part of BMet's Career Colleges, an employer-led education programme, developed a website, YouTube film and a game to promote the launch of a children's book about homelessness.
About: Sprint Driving, a registered private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, is a driving school which teaches driving different vehicles including bus, car, and truck.
A survey by the Career Colleges Trust suggested that more than three quarters of learners felt their schooling trains them primarily for the exam hall.
Join the Facebook page book.com/ "We have already filled our Year 10 cohort for this coming September, demonstrating the support and need for Hugh Baird's career college." Chairman of the Career Colleges Trust Luke Johnson said: "Career colleges provide young people with the opportunity to develop life-skills and gain practical experience within a specific industry - alongside a rigorous academic education.
An adult-oriented, flexible career college schedule that was not available at local public institutions ...
This project studied four career college and school campuses in Texas that had higher than average graduation rates and lower than average student loan default rates to determine what they did to achieve these positive outcomes.
The overwhelming preponderance of career college students enroll, graduate, and find suitable, well-paid employment with none of the divisive issues described in Stephen Burd's article, "The Subprime Student Loan Racket" (November/December 2009).
"Forty percent of our students are minorities," says Harris Miller, CEO and president of the Career College Association.
"We have a vast array of students in the career college system, and they're all very focused in one way or another," says Thibert, who also serves as the vice-president of operations at Everest College, formerly known as CDI College.
When her first marriage went sour, and she realized she might have to raise two children on her own, she buckled down in determination and pursued her dream to create the first private career college in the Canadian province of Newfoundland.
June 16-18, 2004 Annual Convention & Exposition Career College Association (www.career.org) Lake Buena Vista, FL
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