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a secondary school teaching the skilled trades

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Five students, who are part of BMet's Career Colleges, an employer-led education programme, developed a website, YouTube film and a game to promote the launch of a children's book about homelessness.
About: Sprint Driving, a registered private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005, is a driving school which teaches driving different vehicles including bus, car, and truck.
The earnings data released today will be used to calculate the debt-to-earnings rates that, under the standards of the Department's gainful employment regulations, will determine whether a career college program is serving students well or leaving them with unaffordable debts and poor employment prospects.
As part of their tour, they heard a specially recorded video welcoming message from Career Colleges founder, Lord Kenneth Baker, a former Home Secretary who launched CCNE in January.
The Career College concept is all about educating young people in a hands-on and practical way to ensure they are work-ready with the necessary skills that employers want and need.
com/ "We have already filled our Year 10 cohort for this coming September, demonstrating the support and need for Hugh Baird's career college.
American Career College (ACC) is a health care educator with four campuses located in Southern California.
In short, the "gainful employment" rules would seriously damage or close private-sector colleges and universities across the country, thus harming everyone who works in them, everyone who invests in them, and everyone who attends or might one day benefit from attending a career college.
Boca Raton, Fla, a provider of enterprise software products and services for educational institutions, has announced a partnership with MaxKnowledge, an employee training company serving career colleges and universities, to provide a free series of online lessons for higher education professionals through MaxKnolwedge's network of over 20 educational associations and its Center for Excellence in Education.
In career college, they find a learning environment that adapts to their individual needs, responds to their academic or personal challenges, provides schedule flexibility for busy lifestyles, and prepares them for something more than just receiving a sheepskin: the transition to gainful employment.
This rapid approach is one of the principal draws to the career college system, according to Brad Newman, marketing manager with CTS College, which has campuses in Greater Sudbury and Thunder Bay.
Renee McDaniel will graduate from American Career College in Norco as an ultrasound technician.
When her first marriage went sour, and she realized she might have to raise two children on her own, she buckled down in determination and pursued her dream to create the first private career college in the Canadian province of Newfoundland.
As much has been written about the community college movement, this article will explore the private career college delivery system.
South Tyneside College principal Lindsey Whiterod with Lord Baker at the <Blaunch of Career College North East
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