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a woman who is a careerist

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Beyond the exciting steals during the one-day-only sale event, Lazada is offering a range of deals for the needs of every kind of empowered Filipina, may it be the Career Woman, the Young Mom or the Yuppie.
Forcing yourself out of the house because you're a "career woman" is, by that measure, just as perverse as it was for women to be limited to menial jobs just for being female or designated homemakers just for having husbands or kids.
As one of the panel of speakers, Najat Abdulraheem Abdulraheem, Business Development and Innovation Manager at Ooredoo, told the audience of her personal experience as a career woman in Qatar and how she overcame the obvious challenges of being an Arab woman studying in the West.
Cary, NC, December 13, 2012 --( Smart Moms is pleased to announce that Garla Smith was named the 2011-2012 Career Woman of the Year by Business and Professional Woman North Carolina (BPW/NC).
I mean, that's the woman: a career woman, a mother with four beautiful children and a husband and now a career in design - the clothes are good.
"Women Writing on Family" is a profound and thoughtful collection that should ring true for any career woman, mother, or lover.
The Bag Lady Papers: The Priceless Experience of Losing it All comes from a successful career woman whose money one day vanished overnight in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme.
A CAREER woman who jumped off the corporate ladder to become a garden designer is hoping to inspire others to green fingers with a course of floristry workshops.
"Last Flight Out" follows Danielle, an aspiring career woman who finds herself rooted in the criminal underworld of Chicago as she tries to push her legitimate career further.
Losing it to the increasing stress of simply being a career woman, she tells how one can learn their body's nature and do what one can to control its weight.
Obtaining, sustaining, and maintaining high positions of power for any career woman does not come without a high price.
Moreover, he added, "A career woman in the Arab society is something that can only happen when the home and a family are at the center of the woman's life.
Q I'M a young-thinking, 44-year-old career woman and, having given up on meeting a soulmate any other way, I'm just about to try internet dating.
But the busy career woman, who also wants "help around the house" adds: "Ex-boyfriends need not apply."
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