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Indeed, for career soldiers, redeployment might be a desirable course.
THE Army is developing a new core competency for career Soldiers and officers interested in becoming electronic warfare specialists.
The armed forces have had trouble recruiting career soldiers in the past, and that might make the decision to create a professional army in place of the militia system harder to implement.
Some of our career soldiers are furious at the way Bush and Rumsfeld waged the Iraq War and bungled the occupation.
military's technology has grown over the last few decades, we have come to need career soldiers, sailors, and airmen.
The court heard the two were career soldiers, and both had glowing testimonials.
There's far more stability in today's military because there are more career soldiers.
The Board of Inquiry is made up of loyal career soldiers, the kind that followed orders, that didn't rock the boat.
He makes a comparable error in the opposite direction by labeling all whites as settlers, conflating private citizens and career soldiers, personal behavior and national policy.
In any case, career soldiers do not put up with the deprivations of Army life for the money.
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