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supervised care for delinquent or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home

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Queen's has been awarded the Buttle UK Quality Mark for spporting care-experienced young people and in the past academic year it introduced a Care Leaver Bursary.
Thanks to the Young Care Leaver Campaigners and the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill, this will all change next April.
This requires of the practitioner a knowledge base and skill-set that is uncompromisingly on the side of the care leaver.
The shortcomings of these care leaver records are frequently highlighted (Golding, 2009) and much of the literature catalogues a range of problems in gaining information.
Also it has much to teach those working in adult services, particularly aged care, as many of these care leavers continue to experience issues from their time in "care" into their middle and older years.
Through the Care Leaver Covenant, we are boosting the practical support available to care leavers, such as apprenticeships or work experience, linking them up with private and voluntary organisations as well as government departments.
In recent years, the university's offer of non-statutory support has expanded to include assistance for both care leavers and students with caring responsibilities, students estranged from their families, forces veterans seeking to return to study, and asylum-seekers.
One outcome of this is the planned creation of a care leaver cafe in January 2016, which will be run by care leavers for care leavers to provide a relaxed place where they can meet, talk and get support.
Criminoligists have been studying the needs of care leavers to address the large numbers of adults who grew up in care who end up in prison.
A successful pilot project to avoid care leavers being abandoned by local authorities in England shows just what can be achieved if those in charge take time to listen to issues affecting some of our most vulnerable young people.
We recently consulted with care leavers and only 38 per cent told us it was good or very good to be a care leaver in Coventry while half felt they were prepared to manage money before they left care.
But the best was yet to come when care leaver Ian Thomas quite simply blew the audience away with his honest, candid and impassioned speech about his experiences of the care system and what foster carers did for him during his time being looked after.
Seven youngsters recently took part in the council''s own Care Leaver Apprenticeship scheme, yet only one has secured permanent employment.
These range from our highly prestigious and well established Entrance Scholarships to our Care Leaver, Sports, Music and Accommodation bursaries.
I'm a care leaver and I don't understand most of the stuff.