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supervised care for delinquent or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home

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This is a national week of events organised by councils and care leavers' groups aimed at highlighting the needs of care leavers and the challenges they face as they enter adult life.
Dr Claire Fitzpatrick, a lecturer in criminology at Lancaster University, and Patrick Williams, a senior lecturer in criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University, said a recent pilot scheme had suggested active intervention to help care leavers into soceity could help.
Sunday Mail editor Jim Wilson said the Young Care Leaver Campaigners, who also picked up the Community Award, were worthy winners but there were no losers on such a great night.
The first New Labour government's Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 represented a serious attempt to respond to the well documented gaps in income maintenance and service provision (Goddard, 2001) delivered to care leavers.
The continual movement from current practice issues for front-line workers in constructing the child or young person's records, to thinking about the same person accessing the record as an adult care leaver, provided a new lens and dynamic to the discussion of current practice for practitioners and managers.
This is the first national lecture for National Care Leavers Week held outside London or Cambridge.
Statistics show that only seven percent of care leavers continue their education after 16.
Having autonomy in one's accommodation could be an indicator of self-reliant managing of daily life, or it could mean that the care leaver has insufficient support and feels isolated.
We recently consulted with care leavers and only 38 per cent told us it was good or very good to be a care leaver in Coventry while half felt they were prepared to manage money before they left care.
Students could qualify for the maximum pounds 1,200 if they are in care or are a care leaver, are in receipt of income support, or have learning difficulties or disabilities.
It is depressing they encountered a lack of knowledge and understanding about care leaver issues among frontline staff dealing with them but the good news is they are now highlighting the issue.
It is even more interesting as it is written by a former care leaver (or as they are known here a "homie") now aged in their mid forties who is now attempting to find their 'identity', the 'identities' of their biological parents, and why they were placed in "care".
The largest category of placement for care leavers on their 19th birthday was living independently, which accounted for 34% (or 1,600) of the cohort.
The activities will support young people In Care and Care Leavers to achieve improved outcomes.
The Care Leavers Strategy for County Durham will be presented to members of Durham County Council's cabinet when they meet next week.