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Synonyms for Carduelinae

used in some classifications for a subgroup of finches

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Integration of photoperiodic and food cues to time changes in reproductive physiology by an opportunistic breeder, the red crossbill, Loxia curvirostra (Aves: Carduelinae).
We discovered recently that the average heterozygosity in different populations of greenfinches (Aves: Carduelinae: Carduelis chloris), as measured by allelic variation in nuclear genes, is extremely low and decreases with increasing latitude across continental Europe (Merila et al.
We examine these relationships for wood warblers (Parulinae) and finches (Carduelinae) because these two groups represent the largest groups with substantial nest height variation.
The redpoll finch complex (Ayes: Carduelinae: Carduelis flammea-hornemanni) provides an opportunity to examine the relationship between polytypism, gene flow, and phylogeographic structuring of genetic variation.
Mitochondrial DNA homogeneity in the phenotypically diverse redpoll finch complex (Aves; Carduelinae; Carduelis flammea-hornemanni).