aerobic exercise

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exercise that increases the need for oxygen

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When doing cardiovascular exercise, aim for a minimum of at least 45 minutes, three times per week.
Obesity is often a precursor to heart disease, and cardiovascular exercise is the best method for weight loss.
So cardiovascular exercise is great for weight control and de-stressing but there are other fantastic benefits too.
Ergometry is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise that works the upper body.
However, those running intensively may want to consider incorporating another type of non-impact cardiovascular exercise to help recovery from long runs.
Cardiovascular exercise was executed separate from his traditional physical therapy sessions.
He visits three times a week, lifting weights, swimming and doing cardiovascular exercise.
This is the only facility in this upscale suburban area that combines nutritional counseling, body sculpting, and cardiovascular exercise all under one roof.
Advanced Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology joins others in the college-level 'Advanced Exercise Physiology Series' of titles to offer in-depth, technical consideration of the effect of acute and chronic exercise training on each part of the cardiovascular system.
Abrams combines strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutritional guidelines with his own motivational story.
Several studies over the last few years have shown that intermixing cardiovascular exercise and weight training into one workout may be superior to separating the workouts or doing one after the other.
Walking is a cardiovascular exercise that I highly recommend for those starting out.
Usually the problem is caused by repetitive movements, such as: lots of walking (especially if you tend to pronate, or roll your foot inward when you walk) or lots of cardiovascular exercise for long periods on your feet.
Aqua jogging is a good cardiovascular exercise that mimics running form and should be performed for 20 minutes or more.
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