aerobic exercise

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exercise that increases the need for oxygen

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The equipment used in homes are most commonly designed and used for cardiovascular exercises.
Muscle and joint aches and pains start becoming more apparent, so Veselik suggests that one should get creative about how to keep up cardiovascular exercise as it is easy on the joints but get the heart rate up.
Several studies over the last few years have shown that intermixing cardiovascular exercise and weight training into one workout may be superior to separating the workouts or doing one after the other.
Walking is a cardiovascular exercise that I highly recommend for those starting out.
Aqua jogging is a good cardiovascular exercise that mimics running form and should be performed for 20 minutes or more.
Usually the problem is caused by repetitive movements, such as: lots of walking (especially if you tend to pronate, or roll your foot inward when you walk) or lots of cardiovascular exercise for long periods on your feet.
Gift baskets include the Take Heart basket, which provides nutrients for the heart, as well as primers for stress reduction and cardiovascular exercise.
Used by skiers who want to keep fit in the winter, now it's arrived in Kirklees - and is setting the pace for exercise Fashion & health Walking is always hailed as a great cardiovascular exercise that anyone can do.
The purpose of this study was to investigate whether twenty minutes of thermotherapy, cryotherapy, or moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise could effectively reduce the severity of delayed-onset muscle soreness.
Treading water is a fun way to get some cardiovascular exercise without doing laps.
Among other activities, medical students calculated body mass index and body fat percentage for 300 participants, and students collaborated with the school's fitness center and cafeteria to offer cardiovascular exercise and healthy meals and snacks with an emphasis on vegetables.
The routines we need to look at involve long periods of cardiovascular exercise using most of the major muscle groups in your body.
For every 10 pounds of weight you lose through dieting and cardiovascular exercise, three pounds of that total is muscle.
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